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5 Tips for Podcasting on a Budget

Reading Time: 6 minutes Many people believe that starting a podcast requires expensive equipment and a complicated setup. However, I am living proof that you can start podcasting on a budget. I joined Brian Biedenbach on the Good Podcasting show to look back on my podcasting journey and offer insights into recording on a budget.

Grow Your Podcast With Podcast Audiograms

Reading Time: 9 minutes You’ve created your page, got your community, but here’s the puzzle—how do you make sure your audience stays not just interested but really into it? If you’re looking for a fresh way to grab your audience’s attention, let’s talk about Podcast audiograms.

Promote Your Podcast On Twitter

Reading Time: 7 minutes Elevating your podcast’s visibility is paramount to reaching the right audience, and if you’re seeking a dynamic platform to spread your show’s presence, look no further than X (formerly known as Twitter). With its recent evolution, promoting a podcast on Twitter is easier than ever, let’s find out!