5 Tips for Podcasting on a Budget

Many people believe that starting a podcast requires expensive equipment and a complicated setup. However, I am living proof that you can start podcasting on a budget. I joined Brian Biedenbach on the Good Podcasting show to look back on my podcasting journey and offer insights into recording on a budget.

Grow Your Podcast With Podcast Audiograms

You’ve created your page, got your community, but here’s the puzzle—how do you make sure your audience stays not just interested but really into it? If you’re looking for a fresh way to grab your audience’s attention, let’s talk about Podcast audiograms.

Promote Your Podcast On Twitter

Elevating your podcast’s visibility is paramount to reaching the right audience, and if you’re seeking a dynamic platform to spread your show’s presence, look no further than X (formerly known as Twitter). With its recent evolution, promoting a podcast on Twitter is easier than ever, let’s find out!