9 Podcast Updates for April 2024

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Welcome to this Podcast Weekly updates. I’m Niall Mackay, founder of Seven Million Bikes Podcast. This series aims to help you update the most recent podcast news, like Fresh Podcast Picks, Industry Buzz, or Creator Resources.

Your weekly dose of podcast goodness is here! Get ready to binge.

  1. Acast Takes the Lead in Podcasting

Acast has solidified its position as a major player in the podcasting industry. 

According to Podtrac’s latest rankers, Acast now holds the #1 spot globally for podcast downloads, demonstrating its reach across the international market. The company also ranked as a top contender in the valuable US market, showcasing its growing presence within the States. This news is accompanied by the debut of the iHeartRadio Audience Network on the Podtrac rankers, securing the top position within the US.

  1. Shifting Landscape: Acquisitions and Network Changes

The podcasting landscape continues to evolve with strategic acquisitions. Sony Music has expanded its foothold in the industry by acquiring podcast production company Neon Hum.  This move brings Jonathan Hirsch, founder and CEO of Neon Hum, on board as VP Global Podcasts and Head of US Creative for Sony Music’s Global Podcast Division. 

In another development, Night, a talent agency focused on YouTubers and Twitch streamers, has acquired The Roost Podcast Network from Warner Bros. Discovery. The acquisition signifies Night’s potential expansion into the podcasting space, with plans to retain a majority of The Roost Podcast Network’s team, including the head, AJ Feliciano.

  1. AI and Advanced Podcast Analysis

The line between podcasting and artificial intelligence is blurring. The Verge reports that companies like OpenAI are utilizing podcast transcripts as data to train their AI programs. This highlights the potential of podcasts as a valuable resource for shaping future AI advancements. Additionally, Veritonic has unveiled a new solution for in-depth analysis of longform content.

This tool empowers creators to gain deeper insights into their own content or that of their competitors, allowing for data-driven strategies within the podcasting space.

Read my blogs about AI Descript or AI Podcast Editing Tools to see how AI has empowered my podcasting journey.

  1. Monetization and Resources for Podcast Creators

Podnews offers valuable resources for podcasters seeking to build sustainable income streams. The newsletter highlights Memberful, a platform that allows creators to establish recurring revenue through memberships and exclusive content for their listeners. Additionally, aspiring podcasters can benefit from CEO Magazine’s guide on starting a podcast, while Ausha provides insights on choosing the right format between episodic and serial structures.

  1. Sports Podcasts Supercharged Listening

While a massive 89% of sports fans report watching sports content frequently or occasionally, a substantial 64% say the same about listening to sports content. 

Sports fans tune into an impressive six hours and 26 minutes of audio content daily. That’s over two hours more than the average American!  Even more impressive, over 90 minutes of this dedicated listening time is spent specifically on sports content. While Gen X and boomer fans might gravitate towards sports radio, Gen Z and millennials are leading the charge in sports podcast consumption.

  1. Alitu Levels Up Editing with Magic Filters

Alitu, a popular web-based podcast production tool, has introduced a new feature aimed at streamlining your editing workflow: magic filters.

Built on the foundation of customer feedback, these magic filters offer a powerful way to automatically remove unwanted audio elements from your recordings.

By automating the removal of common editing targets, magic filters free you up to focus on the creative aspects of your podcast, like adding intros, outros, and music.

  1. Podcast Transcripts on the Rise: Over 2.5 Million Episodes Now Include Them

The podcasting world is witnessing a surge in accessibility thanks to the growing adoption of creator-supplied transcripts. The Podcast Standards Project has announced a significant milestone: over 2.5 million podcast episodes now feature transcripts embedded using the open <podcast:transcript> standard.

This increased focus on standardization and accessibility paves the way for a more inclusive and user-friendly podcast listening experience for everyone.

  1. Spotify for Podcasters Introduces Team Management

Good news for podcasting teams! Spotify for Podcasters has implemented a much-needed feature: team management. This addition allows you to easily collaborate on your podcast by inviting other members to your show and granting them specific access levels.

With team management, you can invite other users to collaborate on your podcast. Once invited, they can log in to their Spotify for Podcasters account and access your show depending on the permissions you assign.

  1. The Independent Podcast Awards Are Back!

Attention independent podcast creators! The prestigious Independent Podcast Awards are now open for entries.

Don’t miss your chance to gain recognition for your hard work and creativity.

Key Dates and Information

  • Deadline: Get your entries in by May 31st, 2024.
  • Ceremony: The award ceremony will be held in October in London, celebrating the best in independent podcasting.

That wraps it up for this week’s podcast updates. We hope this information keeps you plugged into the exciting world of podcasting. See you next week!