How We Started

Seven Million Bikes started in May 2019 as A Saigon Podcast. Inspired by the people that live in Saigon from all walks of life and backgrounds host, Niall Mackay, wanted to know more about his fellow Saigoneers stories, their experiences and get tips on living in Saigon to share with listeners.

Recorded from his living room, it quickly gained a following in Saigon, across Vietnam and overseas and in 2021 was renamed A Vietnam Podcast. 

Seven Million Bikes has now expanded to organising regular comedy shows in Saigon, and other cities in Vietnam as well as other events.

Niall, originally from Glasgow, Scotland, has lived in Saigon since 2016 with his wife, Adrie, and the Seven Million Bikes mascot, Biscuit. You might even hear Biscuit snoring in the background in earlier episodes!

A Vietnam Podcast

A Vietnam Podcast

Since its inception, A Vietnam Podcast has been one of the top English language speaking podcasts in Vietnam. 

Host Niall Mackay lives in Saigon, or Hồ Chí Minh City; a busy, bustling, crazy and chaotic metropolis home to nearly 9 million people and over 7 million motorbikes. Hence the name.

Both Saigon and Vietnamese culture present a unique set of challenges for anyone to live in, whether you are a foreigner or Vietnamese.

Inspired by the people that are connected to Vietnam from all walks of life and backgrounds, A Vietnam Podcast shares their stories and experiences.


We all have a story. 

Now in its 6th season, with over 18,000 downloads, it is listened to and enjoyed around the world. 


  • The Bubble Comedy Show
  • Ha Ha Hard Rock Show
  • Where You From? Comedy Show
  • The Blue Monkey Comedy Show
  • The Headliner
  • Flying Bikes Quiz Night
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