Did That Really Happen?

A Stand Up Comedy Podcast

Ever heard a joke and asked, “Did That Really Happen?”

My name’s Niall Mackay, host of A Vietnam Podcast and a stand up comedian… long before I ever started comedy, when I heard comedians tell the craziest, funniest stories I would always wonder just that. And if I got a chance to meet them after the show I would always ask “Did That Really Happen?”

… and 9 times out of 10 the answer was “Yes!”

But the difference between sharing a story with friends and telling it on stage is a comedian’s ability to take those moments and craft them into a well worked joke.

In each episode of this comedy podcast I’ll talk to comedians from around the world, play you one of their jokes, then ask them, “Did That Really Happen?”

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Did That Really Happen? Stand Up Comedy Podcast Episodes

18. Did Erica Pohnan Really Go On A Tinder Date With A Siberian?

16. Did Thomas O’Neil Really See A Fortune Teller Before He Got Married?

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