Did That Really Happen?

Ever heard a joke and asked, “Did That Really Happen?”

My name’s Niall Mackay, host of A Vietnam Podcast and a comedian… long before I ever started comedy, when I heard comedians tell the craziest, funniest stories I would always wonder just that. And if I got a chance to meet them after the show I would always ask “Did That Really Happen?”

… and 9 times out of 10 the answer was “Yes!”

But the difference between sharing a story with friends and telling it on stage is a comedian’s ability to take those moments and craft them into a well worked joke.

In each episode of this podcast I’ll talk to comedians from around the world, play you one of their jokes, then ask them, “Did That Really Happen?”

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Did That Really Happen? Episodes

16. Did Thomas O'Neil Really See A Fortune Teller Before He Got Married?

Thomas O’Neil, the 2021 runner up in the Saigon heats of the Vietnam Comedy Competition. He is a magician and comedian, with his unique blend of dead pan and in depth story telling a unique journey that captivates audiences. Let’s hear his joke…

15. Did Ankita Ghosh's Tinder Date Really Say That?

Ankita Ghosh is an Indian living in Vietnam since 2016, by day a creative director in advertising, and a stand up comic by night. She started her comedy journey in Vietnam, in 2018. Let’s hear her joke…

14. Did Kelso Dowling Really Get Ridiculed For Working On A Wall Street Trading Floor?

In this episode I’m talking to Kelso Dowling who has been charming hearts and turning open mics into open relationships since beginning their stand-up journey in Hanoi. This Washington DC native, silver fox wannabe, daddy-questioning queer just likes telling telling tHeiR TrUtH so you laugh. They’re all about consent. Let’s hear their joke…


13. Did Vaiden Jones & His Whole Class Get Mistaken For Racists?

In this episode I’m talking to a grassroots comedian from Alabama, that not only hosts one of the best open mics in Boston, he also produces a US tour for upcoming comedians. My guest today is Vaiden Jones. So let’s hear his joke…

12. Did Tom Myers' Dad Really Give Him An Empty Grave For a Birthday Present?

In this episode I talk to Tom Myers, a comedian who tackles any subject whatever the topic, he’s not afraid to make you laugh about it using a straight talking no holds barred manner. He also has his own podcast called Tom Myers vs. The Rest Of The World. So let’s hear his joke…

11. Did Adam Bush Really Perform His First Ever Stand Up Set On Broadway?

In this episode I’m talking to Adam Bush, a comic from Tulsa, Oklahoma who’s first ever time doing standup was recently and it was on Broadway! Let’s hear his joke…


10. Did Kyndra Crump Really Want Her Dad To Stop Paying Child Support?

In this episode I’m talking to Kyndra Crump. She claims to be the wife of rappers The Game and Nelly and is also known as the HNIC. So listen to his joke and we ask… Did that really happen?.

9. Did JK Hobson Really Hear White People Do Black Music?

In this episode, I’m talking to a good friend, JK Hobson. JK has  been performing regularly in Saigon since 2017 and has a caustic brand of humor, which is full of takes on race, dating and a large range of social issues. So listen to his joke and we ask… Did that really happen?.

8. Did Steven Osborne Really Pack Women's Underwear Into Boxes?

In this episode, I’m talking Steven Osborne, a Floridian degenerate living in Northern Germany. He’s not sure what a one liner is, but he sure it can be as simple as what Google leads you to believe. So listen to his joke and we ask… Did that really happen?

7. Did Peter Sidell Really Get Confused For A Senior Citizen?

In this episode, I’m talking to Peter Sidell, a comedian from England based in Japan, who’s also performed across much of south-east Asia, at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and in Poland. So listen to his joke and we ask… Did that really happen?

6. Did Ameera's Dad Really Call Her A Whore?

In this episode I’m talking to Ameera Abu-Alsouad who is a Palestinian comedian based in Boston. She grew up in a strict Muslim household and has been performing all over the U.S. and will be famous in 5 years! Did Ameera’s Dad Really Call Her A Whore?

5. Did Jade Estaban Estrada Really Get An Acapulco Radio Station In Trouble As The Horny Guy?

In this episode, I’m talking to Jade Esteban Estrada, all the way from San Antonio, Texas. He is a hilarious standup comedian who performs all over the U.S. and Out magazine christened him as the “first gay Latin star”. So listen to his joke and we ask… Did that really happen?

4. Did Michael Monkhouse Really Become Obsessed With The Spice Girls?

In this episode, I’m talking to Michael Monkhouse, an English comedian based in Rome. He’s a standup comic, sketch writer and failed Spice Girl. His career spans over just three jokes! According to Michael. So listen to his joke and we ask… Did that really happen?

3. Did Tommy Pruchinski's Unwanted Houseguest Really Chug A Full Bottle Of Jameson?

In this episode I’m talking to Tommy Pruchinski, who started stand-up comedy in his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. Since then he has performed in seven countries and four continents and opened for international headlining comedians like Scott Agnew, Nick Copen, and Eddie Brimson. Follow him on Instagram and Facebook.

2. Did Christian Giacobbe Really Get Mistaken For Adam Sandler & Get Laid?

In this episode I’m talking to Christian Giacobbe who hosts and headlines the now famed Canggu Comedy Open Mic in Bali. Chris is the first ever foreigner to have a Comedy Special in Indonesia and has recently signed a multi-projects deal with Comedy Central Indonesia.

1. Did Niall Mackay Really Get Hit On By The Girl At Dunkin Donuts?

Recently I talked to Hayden Lowry on A Vietnam Podcast about one his favourite jokes of mine about moving to America. I’ll play you the joke from my recent Headliner Show performed online during lockdown.

Then you can hear for yourself… did it really happen?

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