Vietnam Podcasts: What To Listen – The Best 9 Podcasts about Vietnam (Produced by Seven Million Bikes Podcasts!)

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Vietnam Podcasts Produced by SMB Podcasts: Top 9

Podcasts have become a global phenomenon, offering a convenient and engaging way to learn and explore new topics. While still a relatively new trend in Vietnam, the podcasting scene has blossomed in recent years, with a vibrant array of shows catering to diverse interests.

Whether you’re a travel enthusiast yearning to explore Vietnam’s hidden gems, a business professional seeking insights into the dynamic market, or simply curious about the country’s rich culture and traditions, there’re many Vietnam podcasts waiting to captivate you.

These podcasts on the list below are produced in partnership with Seven Million Bikes Podcasts – a company that provides end-to-end podcast production services. Based in Vietnam but working globally, our team is passionate about showcasing the exciting things happening in this dynamic country. We are proud to be a part of these podcasts about Vietnam. Together, we’re committed to showcasing the depth and diversity of Vietnam’s experiences, industries, and voices to a global audience. 

Vietnam Podcasts

If you want to explore more about Vietnam by podcasting and you’re looking for recommendations, I’m here to help! This blog post will give you 9 best podcasts about Vietnam. These are mainly interview podcasts with insightful guests who are experts in their fields. Seven Million Bikes Podcasts Production ensures the high quality of these podcasts.

Get ready to discover Vietnam’s treasure!

  1. A Vietnam Podcast

A Vietnam Podcast, hosted by Niall Mackay, takes listeners to the heart of modern Vietnamese culture. Through personal stories from various guests, listeners get a glimpse into the daily lives of artists, entrepreneurs, expats, and LGBTQ+ individuals connected to Vietnam.

This unique perspective explores a rapidly developing nation, offering insights beyond the typical tourist experience.

Engaging discussions and thought-provoking ideas make this podcast a must-listen for anyone wanting to understand the rich tapestry of Vietnamese life. With over 70,000 downloads and a place among the top 10% of global podcasts, A Vietnam Podcast has transformed from a hobby into a leading source for exploring modern Vietnam.

Niall Mackay, the founder of Seven Million Bikes Podcasts, isn’t just passionate about podcasting – his love for Vietnam fuels his highly successful show, A Vietnam Podcast. From planning content, finding guests, recording, and editing, Niall and his team have created 10 seasons up to now. 

If you’re passionate about hearing the stories of Vietnamese people, then A Vietnam Podcast is perfect for you. Subscribe now. 

  1. You Don’t Know Vietnam

Intrigued by the notion that your understanding of Vietnam might be outdated? Then “You Don’t Know Vietnam,” hosted by Ian Paynton, is the podcast for you. This series throws away stereotypes and explores the dynamic world of Vietnamese business. 

Forget war documentaries and rice paddies – “You Don’t Know Vietnam” focuses on the cutting edge. Each episode features interviews with business owners, creative minds, and industry experts who are shaping the future of this rapidly growing market.  Whether you’re curious about fashion trends or the latest tech startups, this podcast can cover them all. With the help of the editing service from Seven Million Bikes Podcasts, You Don’t Know Vietnam has become an insightful podcast for a wide range of audience. 

This podcast is a goldmine for anyone interested in the Vietnamese business landscape.  Entrepreneurs looking to enter the Vietnamese market will gain valuable insights into market entry strategies, consumer preferences, and navigating the cultural nuances of doing business in Vietnam.

Even if you’re not directly involved in business, this podcast offers a fascinating look at modern Vietnam.  Listeners curious about the country’s cultural heritage, artistic movements, and social developments will find the interviews with creatives and industry experts to be insightful.

See more details here.

  1. Raising Funds 101

Ever wondered how Vietnam’s top founders secured funding for their booming businesses? This podcast spills the tea! “Raising Funds: Funding For Start Ups” will reveal the behind-the-scenes of these inspiring individuals. Hosted by veteran investor Paul Espinas, and produced by Seven Million Bikes Podcasts, the show dives deep into the experiences of successful founders.

Each episode features a different Vietnamese entrepreneur who’s successfully navigated the world of capital. They’ll share their war stories, both wins and challenges, offering you invaluable insights on raising money for your own startup. 

Taking your business to the next level starts here. This podcast benefits both established founders and those with fresh ideas. it will equip you with the knowledge and practical advice gleaned directly from the experiences of Vietnam’s leading entrepreneurs.  

Tune in and open up the secrets to securing funding and propelling your business towards success.

  1. Beer Stories

This is another podcast produced by Seven Million Bikes Podcasts but in a whole new genre – craft beer! While craft beer remains a niche market in Vietnam, the industry has seen a remarkable boom in recent years, attracting passionate brewers and curious drinkers alike. 

Beer Stories caters to everyone, from seasoned veterans to curious beginners. Hosts Mischa Smith and Alex Violette, overflowing with passion and knowledge, guide you through this fascinating world. Each episode features a new guest, from brewery owners to industry experts, sharing their unique stories and insights behind the beers we love. 

You’ll hear about the unique brewing processes in Vietnam, discover trendy styles, and immerse yourself in the vibrant craft beer culture. Plus, Mischa and Alex equip you with expert recommendations, ensuring you always have a delicious brew to explore next.

Tune in, sip your favorite IPA, or discover a new sour ale, and join the conversation. Beer Stories is your companion on this ever-evolving adventure in craft beer.

  1. Vietnam Is Awesome

Calling all Vietnam dreamers and travel enthusiasts! “Vietnam Is Awesome,” brought to you by Seven Million Bikes Podcasts, is your gateway to unlocking the true essence of this vibrant nation. Hosted and produced by Vietnam expert Niall Mackay, the podcast takes you on a captivating journey through the country’s heart and soul. 

Niall chats with locals and tourism insiders across Vietnam, uncovering hidden gems alongside must-visit destinations like Hoi An and Ha Long Bay. From bustling nightlife scenes to serene cultural experiences, the podcast delves into everything that makes Vietnam “awesome.”

Vietnam Is Awesome caters to both the travel enthusiast and the armchair explorer. Plan your dream trip or immerse yourself in Vietnamese life, all through the lens of this captivating podcast. Niall’s insightful conversations offer invaluable recommendations on accommodations, local cuisine, and cultural etiquette. Whether you crave the electric energy of Saigon’s streets, the timeless allure of Hanoi’s history, or the beachside bliss of Da Nang and Phu Quoc, the Vietnam Is Awesome podcast tailors your travel dreams to reality. They’ll guide you through Vietnam’s diverse destinations, ensuring every experience is unforgettable. Tune in and discover why Vietnam deserves a top spot on your travel bucket list – let “Vietnam Is Awesome” be your travel companion and guide you to unforgettable experiences!

  1. Delta MV’s Insight Bites

Reaching current and potential customers consistently can be a challenge, especially for businesses that rely on building strong relationships with decision-makers. This was exactly the situation DeltaMV. They needed a way to engage their target audience in a meaningful and regular way.

The solution they discovered was surprisingly simple yet highly effective: a podcast. Partnering with Seven Million Bikes Podcasts, DeltaMV was able to create a show that resonated with their target demographic.  The key? Working with a team that understood their goals and could craft a podcast specifically tailored to their needs.

The results speak for themselves. With over 500 downloads by key decision-makers, DeltaMV’s podcast, “DeltaMV’s Insight Bites,”  led to a significant increase in sales almost immediately. This case study highlights the power of podcasts as a “high-impact, low-investment strategy.”

Hosted and produced by Niall Mackay from Seven Million Bikes Podcasts, this series offers a unique and insightful perspective on the latest trends shaping the world of business and marketing. 

DeltaMV’s Insight Bites doesn’t just offer theoretical concepts; it provides actionable content that you can implement in your own business strategy.  For example, the episode titled “Five Numbers You Must Have for Omnichannel Success” challenges the traditional approach to metrics, encouraging listeners to move beyond vanity measurements.

Are you ready to start a conversation and shape the future of your business? Tune in to DeltaMV’s Insight Bites podcast and leverage the power of behavioral science to achieve your goals!

  1. Did That Really Happen?

Hold onto your sides, comedy fans, because Seven Million Bikes Podcasts is serving up a laugh riot with “Did That Really Happen?”!

Hosted by the ever-hilarious Niall Mackay (you might know him from A Vietnam Podcast and Smarter Podcasting), this show takes you on a hilarious journey through the world of comedians and their, well, interesting experiences.

Ever heard a joke so outrageous it made you wonder if there was any truth to it? Niall has too, and that’s the inspiration behind this side-splitting series. Each episode features a guest comedian from around the globe, sharing one of their signature jokes. Then, the real fun begins – Niall digs into the story behind the joke, asking the burning question: “Did That Really Happen?”

So, join Niall as he uncovers the truth behind the jokes of many comedians based in Vietnam! Whether it’s a hilarious encounter with racial profiling, rooftop pool antics, or a song about Saigon’s expat life, prepare to have your reality questioned and your funny bone thoroughly tickled.

Don’t miss out on the laughter! Tune in to “Did That Really Happen?” on all major podcast platforms, experience the joy of comedy, discover new perspectives from international comedians, and embark on a laughter-filled journey with Niall Mackay as your guide.

  1. BritCham Vietnam

This is another podcast for entrepreneurs in Vietnam from BritCham. This podcast is a powerful collaboration between Matt Ryland, Executive Director of BritCham Vietnam, and Niall Mackay, the founder of Seven Million Bikes Podcasts. This duo combines Matt’s in-depth knowledge of the Vietnamese business landscape with Niall’s passion for storytelling and experience in crafting engaging podcasts.

In their joint statement, both Matt and Niall emphasize the value their partnership brings to the podcast. Matt highlights Niall’s dedication and ability to connect with listeners, while Niall appreciates Matt’s invaluable insights that enrich the discussions.

The BritCham Vietnam Podcast doesn’t stop at basic introductions. It brings you to a wide range of topics, from in-depth analyses of specific sectors to crucial updates on government policies. This comprehensive approach ensures listeners gain a well-rounded understanding of everything that shapes Vietnamese business success.

Furthermore, the podcast leverages the global reach of Seven Million Bikes Podcasts. This means you, as a listener, gain access to expert advice and insights regardless of your location.

Whether you’re a seasoned business professional or just starting your Vietnamese venture, the BritCham Vietnam Podcast is your essential resource. 

  1. Fidinam Worldwide

Considering expanding your business horizons to Vietnam? Look no further than the “Fidinam Podcast: Unlocking Vietnam“! This insightful series, brought to you by Fidinam Vietnam, a trusted Swiss business and tax consulting firm, serves as your key to navigating the dynamic and rewarding landscape of Vietnamese business and investment.

Fidinam Vietnam recognizes the complexities foreign companies and entrepreneurs face when entering the Vietnamese market. Their mission? To empower you not just to enter, but to thrive.

The “Fidinam Podcast” takes you on a journey alongside successful foreign businesses and entrepreneurs who have established a foothold in Vietnam. Through their stories, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the intricacies of day-to-day operations, explore diverse industry sectors, and discover the factors that make Vietnam such an attractive investment destination. 

The “Fidinam Podcast” is produced by the acclaimed Seven Million Bikes Podcasts, ensuring a high-quality and engaging listening experience. So, don’t hesitate to subscribe and explore Vietnamese business success!

Vietnam Podcasts – Summary

Did you find a podcast that piqued your interest about Vietnam?  Seven Million Bikes Podcasts is incredibly proud to have brought these shows to life. From recording, editing, to fully producing a podcast show, our mission at Seven Million Bikes Podcasts is to help you connect with your audience. 

Whether it’s business, comedy, culture, or simply captivating stories, Vietnam has something to offer everyone. 

And if you’re inspired to join the Vietnamese podcasting revolution, Seven Million Bikes Podcasts is here to help! Don’t let your passion remain unheard!  Turn it into a podcast and share your unique perspective on Vietnam, contact NOW.