DeltaMV’s Insight Bites

We wanted to create a podcast to share with our customers, but we just could not find the time to put it together. And we were getting extremely frustrated at not reaching out to current and potential clients in a meaningful, regular way.

So I reached out to Niall from Seven Million Bikes Podcasts to discuss what we needed and why. Niall understood exactly what we wanted. He agreed to host and produce our show. 

With fairly minimal efforts from our side, and on time and budget. We now have over 500 downloads by a targeted group of high value decision-makers. This greater depth of engagement with key decision-makers led to sales almost immediately.

Creating a podcast with Seven Million Bikes Podcasts is a high impact, low investment strategy and I would recommend it to anyone who is thinking of working with Niall and his team. 

Dr Neil Doyle, Managing Director

DELTAMV’s Insight Bites: Shaping the Future of Business through Behavioral Science

Welcome to DELTAMV‘s Insight Bites podcast, hosted and produced by Niall Mackay from Seven Million Bikes Podcasts. In this enlightening podcast series, we offer a unique perspective on understanding the latest trends that shape the world of business and marketing. By leveraging the wisdom of behavioral science, we provide valuable insights that can help you shape the future of your business.

With a focus on practical applications, each episode delves into specific topics that are essential for success in the modern business landscape. From omnichannel strategies to purpose-driven cultures, we explore a diverse range of subjects that can empower you to stay ahead of the curve.

In the “Five Numbers You Must Have For Omnichannel Success” episodes, we challenge the conventional approach to metrics and go beyond vanity measurements. We shed light on the limitations of relying solely on internal data and AI/ML models, emphasizing the importance of linking performance metrics with marketing and business outcomes. By sharing the key business questions and the actual five metrics that support better decision-making, we provide a framework for achieving omnichannel success.

The “Leading On Purpose” series features Nick Leach, CEO of On—Purpose.Solutions and author of “Leading on Purpose: The Guide to Creating a Purpose-Driven Culture.” In these episodes, we explore the significance of cultivating a purpose-driven culture and implementing purpose-driven principles. By aligning purpose with strategies and goals, we delve into the power of teams and discuss how these ideas can be applied to various industries, including pharmaceuticals, finance, and FMCG. Discover the shift from focusing on risk to embracing opportunities and gain insights into SMART and DUMB goal differences.

Tune in to DELTAMV’s Insight Bites podcast to gain a fresh perspective on business and marketing, leveraging the principles of behavioral science to navigate the ever-changing landscape. Let’s start a conversation and shape the future of your business together.

Niall Mackay, The Podcast Guy, took a year to curate and create his course to take you from a podcast beginner to expert in as little as a week.
Niall Mackay, The Podcast Guy