Did That Really Happen?

Did That Really Happen?

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Welcome to Seven Million Bikes Podcasts Did That Really Happen?, where laughter knows no bounds! Hosted by Niall Mackay, a stand-up comedian and the voice behind A Vietnam Podcast and Smarter Podcasting, this comedy show will leave you asking, “Did That Really Happen?”

Have you ever heard a joke so outrageous that you couldn’t help but wonder if it was based on true events? Niall Mackay has, and he’s here to dive deep into the hilarious world of comedians and their extraordinary stories. In each episode, Niall sits down with talented comedians from around the globe, shares one of their jokes, and then delves into the burning question: “Did That Really Happen?”

From outrageous encounters to unbelievable mishaps, you’ll be treated to side-splitting tales and anecdotes that will keep you laughing throughout. Comedians have a unique ability to transform everyday moments into well-crafted jokes, and Niall explores the process behind turning life’s absurdities into comedy gold.

Join Niall as he uncovers the truth behind the jokes and exposes the real-life events that inspired these comedic gems. Whether it’s racial profiling in a supermarket, rooftop pool antics, or a song about expats in Saigon, you’ll be in stitches as the truth unfolds.

Don’t miss out on the laughter! Tune in to Did That Really Happen? on Apple Podcasts, Spotify , Google Podcasts, or wherever you get podcasts. Experience the joy of comedy, discover new perspectives from comedians worldwide, and prepare to question reality with Niall Mackay as your guide.

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