Create Mind-Blowing Content

Are you ready to make your podcast stand out and truly put your listeners first? In this latest episode, I dive deep into what it takes to create great content that your listeners will not only want to listen to, but share with others as well, with Mark Steadman from Origin.

Podcast Tips – 10 Tips You NEED To Know To Start A Successful Podcast

Key Times To Listen To 00:04:45 Start a podcast to share stories. 00:08:01 Don’t use copyrighted music. 00:13:31 Invest in quality microphone. 00:18:48 Be consistent and publish everywhere. 00:19:25 Promote your podcast strategically. 00:24:39 Manage Your Expectations. Episode Transcript – Click To See: 10 Things You NEED To Know Before Starting Your Podcast AUDIO Niall … Read more

Smarter Podcasting Is Here

Are you a podcast fanatic looking to create your own show? Or maybe you’re a business owner trying to reach out to potential customers? Look no further than Seven Million Bikes Podcasts and their founder, Niall Mackay, the podcast guy In his brand new show, Smarter Podcasting, Niall shares his wealth of knowledge and experience … Read more

What Are Podcast Networks And When To Join One

Podcast networks bring great potential to grow and monetize your podcast show. If you wonder when and why you should join one, keep reading! What Are Podcast Networks? A podcast network is a collection of podcast shows available for advertisers through a single company or network to promote products or services. If you know how … Read more