Blog vs Podcast: What’s The Difference & What To Choose

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Blog vs Podcast: What’s The Difference & What To Choose

Blog vs a podcast – Which one would be an excellent option for your small business, and what are the differences?

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By Niall Mackay, The Podcast Guy

You have a great business idea, and you’re ready to invest in blogs or simply make a podcast out of it…

Which one would be more beneficial for growing your audience for your business?

Both blog posts and podcasts take a significant amount of time to create and publish!

I’ll explain whether blogs vs podcasts can bring the best out of your business in this post.

What’s The Difference Between Blogs vs Podcasts

Both blogs and podcasts are evergreen online content where users or listeners gain insightful information from experts or knowledgable reviews on a given topic.

The format, however, is significantly different. Blogs are written essays on websites, whereas podcasts are audio files downloadable on streaming platforms.

A blog post averages around 1000 – 1600 words, which is approximately 5 minutes of reading time, whereas a podcast episode can last between 10 minutes to an hour-long.

Why Should You Blog or Podcast For Business?

Blogging and podcasting are fantastic ways to educate, engage, or entertain customers, leads, or anyone on the internet to know more about your company.

Through blogging and podcasting, you will set yourself apart from your competitors because you will provide in-depth information about your products and topics related to your products and niche.

As a result, your content will make your business become an authority in your niche. – Let’ ‘s be honest, who wouldn’t want that?!

To make the best out of your efforts, keep reading to decide which medium you should go with!

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Blog vs Podcast: Which One Is Better For Your Business

Should You Start Blogging?

Blogging has been one the oldest forms of creating evergreen content on the internet. Since blogs are put on search engines, it is critical to become “friends” with Google’s algorithm and get familiar with keyword research, optimization, and website management.

Blogging would be a fantastic option for strong and skilled writers if you got a copywriter on your team.

Plus, blogging is almost inevitable for businesses that already have websites to sell products, earn affiliate commissions, or use for lead generation.

Advantages of blogging 

  • Great for businesses who have copywriters ready
  • Having an existing website where customers make purchases on it
  • Best for affiliate sales
  • Repurpose key blog ideas into social media or YouTube videos

Disadvantages of blogging 

  • Have to have SEO knowledge, at least the basics covered
  • Have to manage a website
  • Write frequently on one topic

Should You Start Podcasting?

Pros and Cons of Podcasting

Podcasting is a growing medium to spread ideas and grow an audience. It is no doubt that podcasting is super popular because creators can freely express their ideas through insightful conversations with experts.

Plus, it’s easy for listeners to tune in and be the fly on the wall while two experts discuss a topic.

Podcasting can come with its disadvantages too. First, you have to have some technical skills to edit podcasts and invest in podcasting equipment to kickstart your first show.

Advantages of podcasting

  • Create a personal connection with listeners
  • Can multi-task while listening
  • Personal conversations and guest invitations bring more insights into the given topic
  • Repurpose audio or video content into social media

Disadvantages of podcasting

  • Have to have a podcast set up or a minimal studio
  • Have to know how to edit podcasts to make them sound professional
  • No call-to-action button

How To Decide If Your Business Should Be Invest In Blogging or Podcasting?

To decide if you want to go with blogging or podcasting as a business owner, you need to understand your team’s strengths and current resources.

In both cases, blogs and podcasts are evergreen content that stays on the internet and can be found or listened to by users.

However, these content pieces take time to create and must be published consistently. Otherwise, your content wouldn’t reach readers or listeners.

It’s a game of commitment. If you are starting out, definitely stick to one first and expand to e new platform.

Use these simple questions to decide if you need a podcast or blog.

Guiding Questions To Decide Between Blog vs Podcast

  • Are you techy with equipment?
  • Are you better at writing or speaking your ideas?
  • Do you already have a website set up, or do you sell your products and services on a website?
  • Do you have a great copywriting team or are you great at writing?
  • Do you understand SEO, or do you have anyone in the group who does?
  • Are you ready to invest in podcasting equipment for your team or business?
  • Can you keep up a consistent schedule for any of these platforms?

Try to answer these questions honestly and reassess your current company assets and your own time commitment.

Start Your Podcast With SMB Podcasts

Podcasting and blogging are challenging to start if you don’t have any experience yet! I first started my podcast in 2019, and now I’m a host of 2 podcast shows and helped a few companies create their own podcasts.

My podcasting journey also helped to grow my network and start blogging to improve my website SEO and writing skills.

If you don’t have experience setting up a podcast but realize that podcasting is the direction you want to expand, book a free consultation or head over to my podcasting course

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