5 Best Books On Podcasting To Improve Your Show

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5 Best Books On Podcasting To Improve Your Show

Here are the best podcasting books that take your show from 1 to 2. Are you having trouble with technical setups? Are you a business that wants to scale its marketing channels? I got the best recommendations for that too. 

Host Seven Million Bikes

By Niall Mackay

Are you tired of looking for different podcasting answers on five other websites, eight different subreddit pages, and 3 Facebook community groups? 

Yeah, I’ve been there too.

Sometimes having one great book with ALL the answers to all your questions is a miracle. Choose your favorite in these five best books on podcasting, then let me know which one helped the best in my SMB Facebook Group.

Top 5 Books On Podcasting

Best Podcasting Book For Audio Podcasting: BIG PODCAST, BY DAVID HOOPER

David Hooper did not waste any pages in this book. The Big Podcast book covers EVERYTHING a great audio podcast host must know:

  • Messaging
  • Content 
  • Hosting
  • Interviews
  • Launching and marketing a show
  • Music and MORE

BIG PODCAST is the best podcasting book that you can find. Hooper also gives a unique angle as an ex-musician who wanted to play his music on the radio.

His whole book leads the reader to focus on the audio quality of the show, the right interview questions, and many more. 

The BIG PODCAST, however, is best for audio podcasters. If you are planning on video podcasting, that would require a more comprehensive guide on camera setups and other production tips.

So You Want to Start a Podcast: Finding Your Voice, Telling Your Story, and Building a Community That Will Listen

This book is the best podcasting book for intermediate podcasters or those who have already started their journey!

Kristen Meinzer’s witty and engaging writing style makes it so much more fun to learn about podcasting. The book is also very concise and straightforward. The hard copy is only 224 pages long! 

Reading this book feels like chatting with an expert friend who got your back. – or at least something along those lines if you got friends.

Meinzer’s book covers insightful tips on improving your podcast content, starting your podcast from start to finish in an engaging and journalistic way that could make you the next award-winning podcaster like her. 

 Since it still got some non-beginner-friendly tips, I placed her book as my second best recommendation for books on podcasting.

The book reviews are marvelous. I think for impatient learners, this book could be the best choice. 

podcast book

Best Podcasting Book For Business – Profitable Podcasting

All business owners and entrepreneurs, listen. – Grab this best podcasting book to scale your business faster.

Profitable podcasting focuses on the business side of podcasting and leveraging marketing opportunities and brand improvement. Pick up this book if you are into expanding your business through engaging stories, insights, and overall dominating your industry with podcasting.

Sounds like a profitable idea?

Marketing is an excellent part of the book, but the author also describes equipment, software, and recording techniques

Let me know in the comments if this book helped your business grow! 

Introduction to Podcast Technology

Are you tired of dealing with technical podcasts set up by yourself? The Introduction to Podcast Technology book talks about all the microphone and hosting setups you need to ACE your podcasting game!

I highly recommend this book for newbies who feel intimidated by all the technical nuances of making a good episode. The author explains professional and on-site podcasting and goes over all the studio gear you need for a good show. 

The book also includes access to a 15-day companion video course, just in case you need more assistance. 

After this book, you can get over all the tech stuff and move on to your engaging podcast show and awe your listeners. 

Seriously, podcasting will never be this simple for a non-techy host. 


Suppose you need a clear, straightforward answer on how to do podcasting. Grab How To Podcast by Paul Colligan.

If you’re tired of being stuck in the maze of Reddit threads and YouTube tutorials, this book will help you start your podcast in less than a week.

Paul Colligan wrote in a down-to-earth and easy-to-follow manner, so all beginners have an easy time starting their journey.

You can even learn to turn your written articles into great podcast episodes! You’ll be amazed by his simple steps to being a podcaster.

Improve Your Podcast Show With SMB Podcasts

Podcasting takes a ton of practice. Even the best podcasting books can’t make you master the actual craft of podcast editing, planning, and promoting.

At SMB Podcasts, I can help you set up your podcasting game. 

Book a free consultation, and let’s step up your podcast shows to become the best in your niche. 

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