Best Hunting Podcast Reviews (2022)

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Best Hunting Podcast Reviews (2022)

Looking for a hunting podcast to step up your hunting skills, give some insightful tactics, or just an engaging story?

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By Niall Mackay

5 Best Hunting Podcast Reviews

The MeatEater

The MeatEater podcast is a great show for both sportsman and non-sportsman fans who are into the latest discussion about hunting.

The host, Steven Rinella takes a holistic approach to his show that touches on more than just “how many animals can one kill”. He also invites guests from different backgrounds and challenges listeners with trivia episodes.

Listen to the MeatEater here.

Rookie Hunter

The Rookie Hunter is a relatively new podcast show in the niche and quickly became popular. The show covers useful information for both beginner and veteran hunters making this show enjoyable for a wide cast of listeners.

The hosts, Mike and Kelly, take the listeners to British Columbia and share their stories and adventures in hiking, fishing, hunting, and backpacking.

Listen to the Rookie Hunter here.

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Hunt Talk Radio

Unlike the previous best-hunting podcasts, Hunt Talk Radio takes a political angle on conservation topics, public land politics, and hunting ethics.

The host, Randy brings in environmentalists, elk advocates, and lawyers on the show to empower listeners and educate the public that “with privilege comes obligation.”

Listen to the Hunt Talk Radio here.

Wired To Hunt

The Wired To Hunt mini-series is a 15-minute weekly podcast episode specifically talking about whitetail hunting and insightful and in-depth tactics for both beginners and advanced hunters.

This hunting podcast show also brings up social issues around hunting such as the fights for conservation and preserving the hunting culture. 

Listen to Wired to Hunt here.

The Western Bowhunter Podcast

Bowhunting! Do we still do that? The Western Bowhunter podcast show is the most light-hearted show on this list. The show brings in entertaining stories about bowhunting, archery, and life using excellent storytelling.

The Western Bowhunter podcast also provides bow reviews for fellow hunters and the host brings in hunter guests to discuss the latest tactics.

Listen to Western Bowhunter Podcast here.

Best Hunting Podcast Final Thoughts

These were the 5 best hunting podcasts that are a mix of insightful information and political discussions on hunting and preserving nature.  Which one do you like best?

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