Solo Podcasts You Should Give A Try In 2023

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Solo Podcasts You Should Give A Try In 2023

Solo podcasts are easy to set up but difficult to keep interesting! These 8 popular podcasts stand out for their style, research, and storyline! It’s time to give them a try and learn from their podcasting style.

Solo Podcasts You Should Give A Try by Niall Mackay

Solo podcasts are easy setup but extremely difficult to keep interesting!

When there is only one person speaking, all of a sudden every tidbit of the podcast episode starts to matter for the listener. – Tone of voice, pacing, storyline, introduction, and podcast structure. 

Among the thousands of one-person podcasts, these 8 best solo podcasts hosts stand out for their charisma, stories, and niche. 

8 Popular Solo Podcasts To Listen To In 2023

Live From the 405

I’m a big fan of comedy and so is Luke Allein, the host of Live From the 405s. If you ever got stuck in traffic, give it a listen and try not to cry out loud. Luke rambles about LA traffic, not sure if it’s from his anger or just for the sake of comedy.

Live From the 405

I got to guess it’s the first one. 

The episodes last from 90-120 minutes but I could barely finish one from his jokes.

Flash Forward

If the last 3 years weren’t eventful enough for you, Flash Forward brings you more ideas about future possibilities and “what ifs”.

In each 60-minute episode, the host Rose Eveleth, brings in professors, voice actors to make the show credible and entertaining all wrapped in a futuristic theme.

Flash Forward

Rose has built a creative community around her podcast, unfortunately, she decided to wrap up the show.

I still recommend listening to a couple of episodes on Apple Podcast or Spotify. Give your imagination and creativity a break from the world’s doubting events and wonder if you would ever have sex with a robot.

Would you, though? Comment under this post! 

solo podcasting

Casefile True Crime

Crime, thriller, drama – the perfect combination of Casefile True Crime’s podcast show. The host, Anonymus (for just an extra drama, we don’t know the name of the host) brings a professional, clear, and well-researched crime episode based on real stories!  

I really can’t say anything but that it’s worth learning from Casefile True Crime as a writer and podcaster. The show is still running, and it offers a premium subscription for Q&A sessions – Are these scary details real?

The content is excellent, the narrative is professional and the only reason it receives a lower rating is because of a paywall?! Excuse me, but monetizing a podcast helps better content to be put out. 

If you are a podcaster, I go into detail about why you should be making money on your podcast. 

You Must Remember This

You Must Remember This, made on this list because it’s just simply so unique. The host, Karina Longworth, created a podcast that is dedicated to exploring the secret of Hollywood and the stories behind forgotten stars. 

As a solo podcaster, true Hollywood historian, film critic, Longworth did an excellent show with her research and creative audio bits.

You Must Remember This

She also has a background in film editing and journalism and tying into podcasting is just a perfect form of storytelling! 

Fun fact: Longworth doesn’t stop at her fascinating Hollywood stories! She is also the author of the book ‘Seduction: Sex, Lies, and Stardom in Howard Hughes's Hollywood’. Thus, I can recommend her solo podcast for anyone who LOVES Hollywood! 

The Lazy Genius Podcast

Put down your productivity books and turn on The Lazy Genius Podcast.

Kendra Adachi’s solo podcast is full of great tips to do less and achieve more.  Adachi’s cheery and positive voice and “lazy genius” principle are addictive. She has tips for almost anything, to make your life easier and happier!

I recommend this podcast channel for those who struggle with procrastination or lack of motivation. Truth is, some of the episodes might not be relevant at first (ie. spring cleaning, when you don’t even have spring in your country!), but you get to see the real logic behind the Lazy Genius principles.

I apply this Lazy Genius principle in my podcast editing process too, creating a lot more time to create podcast episodes, write blogs, reach out to guests, and overall live my life! 

The Michelle Obama Podcast

Featuring former First Lady Michelle Obama having honest, thought-provoking conversations. This podcast is interesting because it mixes personal stories, ideas of empowerment, and behind-the-scenes looks at the Obama family.

Michelle Obama and guests talk about different aspects of life, such as parenting, relationships, and social issues. This makes the show more personal and relatable for listeners.

The Michelle Obama Podcast

The show gives listeners power, motivation, and support on their journeys. Michelle Obama shares insights into her life and offers behind-the-scenes looks at how she is a mother, wife, and public person.

This podcast creates a positive and welcoming environment where people from all walks of life are welcome to share their stories and thoughts. “The Michelle Obama Podcast” isn’t like other podcasts because it’s not just interviews. It’s a place for real talks that reach many people and inspire and uplift them.

Unlocking Us with Brené Brown

Stands as a transformative solo podcast. This podcast has become an intersection for people trying to find their way through the complicated human experience. Each episode features Brené having deep and personal one-on-one talks with various guests, including authors, psychologists, and regular people.

Unlocking Us with Brené Brown

The show is a safe place for honest conversations about bravery, vulnerability, shame, and empathy. The goal is to find and understand the basic things that connect us as people. Many people have praised the show for how well it handles difficult emotional and psychological topics with understanding and kindness.

Making Sense with Sam Harris

This podcast covers a lot of different subjects, from science and philosophy to meditation and current events. Sam Harris has deep and sometimes tricky talks with experts, theorists, and significant societal people. These conversations give a more complete picture of the complicated forces shaping our world.

Making Sense with Sam Harris

The podcast stands out because it details essential societal problems, ethics, consciousness, and how science and spirituality can work together. The show is accessible for both experts and regular people to understand because Harris can explain complicated ideas in a clear and precise way.

“Making Sense with Sam Harris” is still a platform where people can learn more about the world’s complicated issues through the lens of logic and reason.

Solo Podcasts Aren’t Easy

Solo podcasts are simple but not easy. You can always start a podcast but making it stand out takes hard work and creativity. All the one-person podcasts had their unique niche, voice, or in-depth research and editing. 

And so can YOU!

Finding your niche takes some research and practising your microphone technique can also be difficult. I hope this review can give you a boost to improve your solo podcast.

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