How To Cite A Podcast

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Citing your sources is not only about avoiding copyright infringement, but it’s also about giving credit where it’s due and acknowledging the hard work and research of others. When it comes to podcasts, proper citation becomes even more crucial, as they don’t follow the traditional rules of printed material.

By citing a podcast, you not only show respect for the creators but also provide your readers or listeners with the ability to locate and explore the content you’re referencing.

So, whether you’re quoting an insightful interview, referencing a fascinating discussion, or drawing inspiration from an engaging storytelling podcast, we’ll guide you through the exciting world of podcast citation to ensure your work is informative, engaging, and ethically sound.

Let’s get started to discover how to cite a podcast!

Why Citing Podcasts?

Demonstrates academic integrity and ethical research practices

By citing a podcast, you give credit to the creators and acknowledge their intellectual contribution, just as you would with any other source. It shows respect for their work and helps build a community of knowledge-sharing.

Proper citation adds credibility to your work

When you cite a podcast, you provide evidence to support your arguments, statements, or claims. This allows readers or listeners to verify the information you present and lends credibility to your ideas.

Citation allows transparency and promotes further exploration

By including citations, you enable your audience to find and engage with the original content, whether it’s to delve deeper into the topic, listen to the full episodes, or explore related discussions.

Citing podcasts helps avoid plagiarism.

Plagiarism is a serious academic offense, and proper citation ensures that you give credit to the original creators and avoid passing off someone else’s work as your own.

When Do You Need To Cite A Podcast?

Whether you’re referencing podcast episodes, a podcast video, or a direct quote within podcast audio, it’s crucial to cite your sources.

A Research paper and academic project: If you incorporate information, ideas, or arguments from a podcast into your scholarly work, it’s important to cite it to give credit to the original creators and provide evidence for your claims.

Blog posts and articles: When writing blog posts or articles that reference or discuss specific podcast episodes or topics, citing the podcast helps your readers find the source and explore it further.

Presentations and speeches: If you include content from a podcast in your presentations or speeches, citing it allows your audience to access the podcast for more information or to validate your statements.

Social media posts and online discussions: Even in shorter formats like social media posts or online discussions, it’s good practice to cite a podcast if you mention or quote from it. This helps provide context and encourages others to engage with the original content.

How To Cite A Podcast

How To Cite A Podcast In Different Styles?

APA style

APA (American Psychological Association) style is typically used in the social sciences. It is commonly used in disciplines such as psychology, education, sociology, business, and nursing, among others.

Follow the format of how to cite a podcast in APA style:

  1. Podcast Episodes and Quotes from a Podcast

If you want to cite a podcast episode title or a direct quote from a podcast host about an episode, use the following format:

  • Host(s) Last Name, First Initial. (Contributor Title). (Year, Month Day). Episode Title (No. Episode Number) [Audio podcast episode]. In Title of Podcast. Production Company. URL


Smith, J. (Host). (2023, June 1). The Importance of Sleep (No. 12) [Audio podcast episode]. In Sleep Talk Podcast. Sleep Productions. Retrieved from

  1. Whole Podcast Series
  • Format: Author(s). (Year, Month Day). Podcast Title [Audio podcast series]. Production Company. URL


Johnson, M., & Thompson, L. (2023). The Podcasting Journey [Audio podcast series]. Retrieved from

Remember to replace the author(s), year, month, day, title, production company, and URL with the relevant information from the specific podcast episode or series you are citing in APA


  • In APA style, the host or creator of the show is considered the author.
  • The type of podcast such as audio podcast, or video podcast… is put in square brackets.
  • If there are other contributors who played a significant role in the podcast episode or series (such as an executive producer, co-host, or interviewer), you can mention their names in the narrative or in parentheses after the host(s) name(s).
  1. In-text citation

In APA format, in-text citations for a particular episode, a whole podcast series, and quotes from podcasts follow the same general format.

The in-text citation includes the author’s last name and the publication year of the episode or series. If there is no individual author, you can use the name of the podcast as the author.

  • Format: (Author’s Last Name, Year)

Example: (Smith & Johnson, 2023)

Chicago style

  1. Citing a podcast episode:
  • Host(s) First Name Last Name, “Title of Episode,” Title of Podcast (Year), running time of episode, URL.


Jones, Sarah. “The Power of Storytelling.” The Art of Podcasting. 2023.

Remember to include the name of the specific episode in the “”.

  1. Citing a whole podcast series:
  • Host(s) Last Name, First Name. Title of Podcast. Year range. URL.


Jones, Sarah. The Art of Podcasting. 2018-2023.

  1. Quote

When citing a quote from an episode, you can include the quote within the footnotes/endnotes or incorporate it directly into the text. In both cases, you should provide a full citation for the episode in the footnotes/endnotes or in the bibliography.

Harvard style

  1. Podcast Episode
  • Author Last Name, First Initial. (Year). Podcast Title [Audio podcast episode]. Episode Title. Publisher. URL

Example: Smith, J. (2023). The Importance of Sleep [Audio podcast episode]. In The Sleep Talk Podcast. Sleep Productions. Retrieved from

  1. Podcast series

If you refer to a whole show without referencing a specific episode name, you can omit the “Episode Title” and use the following format:

Author Last Name, First Initial. (Year). Podcast Title[Audio podcast series]. Publisher. URL


Smith, J. (2023). The Sleep Talk Podcast [Audio podcast series]. Sleep Productions. Retrieved from

  1. Quote

In the in-text citation, you would include the author’s last name and the year of publishment, for example: (Smith, 2023).

How To Cite A Podcast- Some Notes

Include Relevant Contributors: Cite the names and roles of all relevant contributors to the podcasts, such as the host, executive producers, or interviewer. This provides proper credit and acknowledges their contributions.

Use Title Case for Titles: Capitalize the first letter of each major word in the episode title.

Specify the Podcast Title: Include the title of the podcast in italics or with proper capitalization. This distinguishes it from the episode title. For example: The Podcast Name.

Provide Publication Date: Include the publication date of the episode or the date it was uploaded. This helps readers locate the specific episode you are referencing.

Add URL or Source: Include the URL or a brief description of where you accessed the podcast. This can be the website, streaming platform, or the specific episode’s webpage.

Include Timestamps (if necessary): If you want to reference a specific section or quote within the podcast episode, consider including a timestamp. This helps readers pinpoint the exact moment you are referring to.

How To Cite A Podcast- A Wrap-Up

Remember, citing a podcast is like giving it a high-five for the valuable information it provides. It’s a way to honor the hosts, producers, and all the podcasting superheroes who make your listening experience memorable.

Whether you’re a podcaster, a student, or an academician, citing a podcast is your ticket to academic integrity and avoiding those copyright pitfalls. It’s a dance of words and timestamps, where you show off your research skills while dazzling your readers with your vast podcast wisdom.

But hey, the fun doesn’t end here! Remember, proper citation is just one step in the amazing world of podcasting. So keep exploring, keep learning, and keep sharing those incredible episodes that captivate your mind and spark your imagination.

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