Do Podcast Guests Get Paid For An Interview? 

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Do Podcast Guests Get Paid For An Interview?

What are the general rules when inviting a guest to your podcast show? Do podcast guests ever get paid for their appearance on the show? Let’s find out!

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By Niall Mackay

Asking someone on your show to be a guest is just as thrilling as asking your crush on the first date. Do you need to pay your date to come for a coffee with you, though? Generally not. 

Bringing in exciting and well-known guests to your show is exciting. Your podcast gains great expert insights and fantastic content. However, are you worried about spending all your savings on one go for inviting a guest?

Luckily, your podcast guest should be as lovely as your crush and probably won’t cost your savings account. 

However, you have to make sure the podcast guest is still getting great value from their time spent with you. 

Do You Have To Pay Your Podcast Guests?

When you invite a guest on a podcast, it is generally not expected to pay them for the episode. Why? Because your podcast show is already letting them promote themselves. 

Keep in mind that nothing comes for free, so as a podcast host, you have to bring value to your interview experience so that your guests can leave positive reviews on you and the show.  

Bring value to your podcast guests when you invite them for an interview. One day your podcast may reach the point where you can monetize your efforts and be well-known in your industry. Make the guest feel this way too! 

Here is how you can bring value to podcast guests:

  1. Be prepared for the interview
  2. Make the guest feel comfortable
  3. Do your best to promote them

Be prepared for the interview.

First, be punctual and prepared before the whole podcast conversation begins. Showing professionalism before, during, and after the interview will bring you positive reviews among the community. Also, do your in-depth research on the guest and prepare highly relevant and interesting questions for them. As a podcast host, you’ll be more knowledgeable and get the most out of your interviewee. 

Make the guest feel comfortable.

Secondly, make the guest feels comfortable. Not everyone is used to extended interviews, so it is best if you make your guest feel as comfortable as possible before the interview. Bring some snacks, and offer a coffee or tea to show appreciation to your podcast guest. 

Do your best to promote them.

Lastly, your podcast show gives the guest some level of self-promotion. Get to know your podcast guest and once the episode is done, promote them or their business on social media or e-mail newsletter. 

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What If You Invite An Expert Of The Field?

If you are a well-established and popular show, it is no question that the podcast guest is getting great PR out of the conversation. However, what if your podcast is just beginning and you don’t have a strong listenership yet?

If you invite a guest that is an expert, they might ask you for a fee. However, over the three years of hosting A Vietnam Podcast and setting up podcast productions, I could barely count the time that guests asked for payment. 

Regardless of the situation, always aim for professionalism when you handle new guests on your show and make them feel welcomed and comfortable for the episode. 

If the guest had a great time, not only did you win yourself a great interview but also a social network in your niche. 

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