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11 – A BIG Change Is Coming – Happy 3rd Birthday, A Vietnam Podcast; JK Hobson Guest Hosts

On May 19th 2019 JK Hobson was the first every guest on A Vietnam Podcast (then called Seven Million Bikes; A Saigon Podcast).

To celebrate this special occasion for the first time EVER Niall has relinquished hosting duties and turned it over to JK after he suggested that he interview Niall!

10 – Living As A Trans Man In The USA & Vietnam

Zion Johnson is a former Transactivist, a writer and Seven Million Bikes superfan. He is the only person in the world to have a Seven Million Bikes tattoo!

Rosi Happi is the Creative Director of The Happievent and Managing Founder of Social ChangeMakers. She spent time studying and living in Europe (Germany, Spain, France & England) and Australia before returning to Vietnam.

She is an atypical Vietnamese – a mixed soul: half traditional, half modern.

I met Anastasia Sokyrka in Government Quarantine in 2020 at the start of the pandemic. After two years of the pandemic Anastasia was able to return to her home of Ukraine and reunite with her family, 5 days later Russia attacked.

Phuong Truong, “just another lesbian in town”, is the owner of Twist coffee bar in Thao Dien, a fun place for everyone and a safe space for the LGBTQ+ community.

We discuss the LQBTQ+ community in Vietnam in the context of religion, region and generational acceptance.

Richard Harcus is the CEO of Harcus Consultancy Group, a football consultancy company. And host Niall and him are also are both reformed conspiracy theorists!

Richard Harcus is the CEO of Harcus Consultancy Group, a football consultancy company based in Asia and is also a UEFA qualified coach and Elite scout and qualified intermediary.

Kerry Newsome is a regular traveler to Vietnam and serial travel industry professional, bringing groups from Australia to experience Vietnam. Like many people she has been locked out of the country since the start of the pandemic so started a podcast in 2020 called What About Vietnam.

Moni Lê is Hungarian-Vietnamese, currently living in Saigon to reconnect with her roots and explore her life from a more creative perspective. She is a life purpose coach and fellow podcaster, hosting the Creators in Vietnam podcast with previous guest Tue-Si Nguyen.

Tue-Si Nguyen, a French-Vietnamese man who moved to Canada to study and work, but became addicted to crystal meth while working a corporate job. He now lives in Saigon and is the host of the Creators in Vietnam podcast.

Ben Nguyen was born and raised in Hanoi but left Vietnam at the age of just 18 to study business and interior design in Japan, and worked for companies such as Ikea! He is a Creative Director, artist and dog Dad of influencers crumpet and butter.

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