10 Gift Ideas For Podcasters And Online Content Creators

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10 Gifts For Podcasters And Online Content Creators

Have a hard time finding the best gift for your podcaster friend? Here are 10 excellent ideas for online content creators!

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By Niall Mackay

Podcasting is amazing. You and I are both listening to at least one show. Podcasting is super popular as it helps us learn new things and listen to entertaining stories.

Since podcasting is easy to start, there is a high chance that one of your friends or family members is thinking of starting their own podcast show!

Believe me, as a podcast host, these budget and kickass gifts for podcasters will bring a smile to your podcaster friend’s face.

What To Consider Before Choosing The Best Gift For Podcasters

Know their favorite podcast show

It doesn’t take much to ask a podcaster, “Hey, what’s your favorite show?” – I bet you, they will tell you all about it!

Podcasters are creative content creators too. They also got their inspiration source and usually another creator. Listen closely to your friend’s answer, and try to understand what they love best about their favorite show. Is it the story? Do they admire the host’s podcast setup? 

Their biggest struggle when recording podcasts

The MOST critical question to ask your podcaster friend: What is your biggest struggle when it comes to podcasting? Do you need any help?

Anything can cause trouble for solo podcasters, especially when they’re starting out. Asking about their biggest podcast challenge will save you a TON of time choosing the best podcasting gift! 

If your podcaster is passionate about their topic, they will just bluntly tell you if they need a piece of equipment, podcast editing software, or just ideas. So, make sure you help them out with a small gift. 

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The Perfect Gifts For Podcasters

3 Best Budget Gifts For Podcasters

1. Door sign – don’t enter

Podcasters always hunt for the right time to press that record button! No wonder podcasting takes a lot of time to record and often requires a quiet room. 

Nothing is more annoying than having people ram in the room while recording an episode!

If your podcaster friend lives with their families or (ironically) YOU, then surprise them with a “Do Not Enter” Door sign. You can make your own too. 

2. Podcast Journal or Planner

If you did your homework well, you know that podcasting takes a lot of planning! So, if your friend is struggling with planning their podcast episodes, this best budget podcast planner is going a great one. 

These planners are explicitly made for podcasting with aesthetic weekly show pages, task management segments, episode planners.

Something so small can bring so much value for your newbie podcaster!

3. Backpack to keep their podcast gears

Microphones, cameras, audio recorders, chargers – they are part of the podcasting pack. A backpack could be a great idea to gift podcasters. You can’t go wrong with a practical and functional bag. 

I recommend the Simple Modern Legacy Backpack. This is a light backpack, water-resistant, and also got different pockets to keep each piece of equipment organized.

It keeps the gears safe and is also great for any occasion (school, work, or casual wear). 

Best Kick-ass Gifts For Podcasters

These podcast gifts will absolutely blow their mind! If you got a higher budget for your digital creator, keep reading.

These kick-ass podcast gifts help them step up their podcast shows, bring better quality to the episodes, and overall help them grow as creators. No doubt, they will appreciate any of these gifts! 

Man, I wish someone gifted me at least one of these!

Just a heads-up: With these higher price-point gift ideas, I recommend checking with your friend first. They might want to give you some specifics or just bluntly say what exactly do they need.

1. Descript Subscription

Do you know what makes a podcaster editor’s life easier? Actually editing the podcasts! All those unnecessary filler words such as “ah”, “uh”, and “like” make the episode sound boring, unprofessional, and just overall bad

I haven’t mentioned that background noise reduction is also critical to bring more listeners to the show and actually KEEP them.

Do you feel the struggle yet?

Editing a podcast without a proper and straightforward editing tool is a pain in the — show. Yes, it’s a pain the podcast show.

That’s why I always swear by Descript, which makes editing SO SIMPLE! Descript is an online editing tool that is just as simple as editing a Google document. – Even your granny would be a successful podcaster with Descript! 

The monthly subscription is $24/month, and editors can invite their team members to collaborate. To know about Descript, I recommend checking out their promo video. 

Price Range: $24/month

2. Microphones and headphones

This comes as no surprise that podcasters wear headphones for better episode quality and need the best microphones on the market.

Microphones and headphones are critical for any online creator! If you have the budget to get your podcaster, any of the two will make their work a lot easier! – Trust me! 

Before my podcasting journey, I had nothing to begin with. I only had a smartphone and a laptop to record my episodes and upload them online.

Stepping up my game also needed to invest in a proper podcasting microphone and a functional pair of headphones. 

Price Range: $80-$100 

3. Boom arm for better mic holding

A stable boom arm can bring a lot of convenience for podcast recording because it stabilizes the microphone. If you want to save time for your friend, consider a boom arm as a podcasting gift.

Just so that the speaker doesn’t have to adjust their microphone while speaking! 

Don’t give your podcaster hand. Pick a boom arm. 

Price Range: $100-$130

4. Shield to protect microphone

One of the frustrating things about having a great microphone is that it picks up EVERY sound. What I mean by this is that every time a slight wind comes through the windows, someone moves the chairs, it immediately gets recorded in each episode. 

A microphone shield would be a perfect gift for podcasters to avoid these nuances! Your gift would help them record their audios professionally and efficiently!

And who doesn’t want a professional and efficient podcast episode?!

Price Range: : $55-$130

5. Audio Interface For Advanced Podcasters

Lastly, an audio interface is the most kickass podcast gift and a great one for musicians! It is an advanced tool, but an excellent audio interface is necessary for professional audio sounds.

It might look a bit complicated, but an audio interface simply lets you record any sounds or vocals on your computer or phone.

Price Range: $45-$80

The Best Gift For Podcasters

From an objective point of view, the best podcasting gift for any aspiring podcaster would be a podcasting microphone.

Doesn’t matter whether they are using their built-in mic or their earphones. A great quality microphone is the best starting point for any online creator. If you want to find out more about more, read our best microphone review post!

Did you find this article helpful? Tell me in the comment section! 

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