Best Podcast Shows About Vietnam and Vietnamese People

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Best Podcast Shows About Vietnam and Vietnamese People

Learn more about Vietnamese history, economy, and the people who make spectacular changes in their community.

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By Niall Mackay

I’ve been living in Vietnam since 2016. Breath-taking beaches, delicious food, and mind-blowing stories. I quickly fell in love with the dynamic, creative, and fast-growing culture and people here.

As a podcaster myself, I can’t help but review the best podcasts about Vietnam and the people who make this country so unforgettable.

Suppose you want to learn more about Vietnamese culture or find stories that resonate with your life journey. In that case, these Vietnam podcasts bring plenty of insights and motivation about lifestyle, leadership, health, cultural identity, and history.

Top Podcasts About Vietnam You Should Listen To

Vietnam Innovators by Vietcetera

vietcetera homepage

Vietcetera’s podcast show lets us, regular people, see through the lenses of one of the most prominent company leaders, such as Gojek or Mastercard. Vietnam Innovators by Vietcetera is hosted by no other than the CEO and Co-founder Hao Tran. Her conversations are run weekly in both Vietnamese and English.

I highly recommend this podcast to any aspiring or current leader. Vietnam Innovators shows what it’s like to be on the top of the game in others’ eyes but fighting through industry challenges every day. 

Listen to Vietnam Innovators by Vietcetera here.

The Vietnamese Boat People

The Vietnamese Boat People sheds light on the almost-to-be-forgotten stories of those who survived the Fall of Southern Vietnam. Among those two million people, who risked their lives to escape the adversity of the Vietnam War, continued to face hardships in their journey.

Many found their freedom in new lands and were captured and faced brutality. The Vietnamese Boat People podcast show is here to honor the survival story to the world in 30-minute episodes. 

Listen to Vietnamese Boat People here.

Creators In Vietnam

creators in vietnam podcast

Do you want to explore impactful entrepreneurs in Vietnam? Creators in Vietnam got everyone who has an impact here. Whether in showbiz ‘celebrities’, NGOs, comedians, or coaches, you got all the creative creators to share their stories and empower you to pursue your dreams.

Tue-Si and Moni Le bring calm and peaceful conversations every week with their guests that dive deep into their backgrounds and personal stories about how they created an impact on a larger scale. 

Listen to Creators in Vietnam here.

ComebaCK Podcast

comeback podcast show

As the host, Conor Kelly, says: The comeback BEATS the setback.

The Comeback podcast is an emerging podcast here in Saigon that takes a journalistic approach to unfold topics from health, culture, branding, traveling…and anything. 

Conor digs deep into the key topics that his interviewee can shed light on. The episodes are all about bringing insightful life lessons from anyone from any background. The conversations are very natural and always tell the audience that experiencing setbacks is great as long as you find your way to come back.

Conor’s impact on the local Saigonese community is growing, and I can’t wait to see how the ComebaCK show will evolve in the coming seasons!

Listen to the ComebaCK podcast here.

A Vietnam Podcast

Of course, A Vietnam Podcast had to make it on my list! I started A Vietnam Podcast in 2019 to learn and connect with locals and foreigners living in Vietnam. The best way to learn about Vietnamese culture and traditions is to ask the ones who know BEST. 

A Vietnam Podcast is an independent podcast sharing stories about people connected to Vietnam. I’ve interviewed guests from all aspects of life and professions with hundreds of stories about cultural differences, LGBTQ+, sports, tourism, conspiracy theories, and many more! 

We all have a story, and A Vietnam Podcast is here to unfold all of them.


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