12 Podcasts About Vietnam

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12 Podcasts About Vietnam

Podcasting as a medium has exploded in Vietnam over the past few years, with numerous podcasts either based in Vietnam or about this wonderful country.

While you’d expect to see Podcasts like Ted Talks and BBC Radio in the top 10 Podcasts on the Apple Charts, you can see it is dominated by Podcasts in Vietnamese. Ranging from The Present Writer, Vietcetera (who have several podcasts) and Van Nguyen’s Oddly Normal podcast.

And the further you go down the charts this doesn’t change with easily 80% of the shows in the top 100 Vietnamese. Some are to help listeners learn English but not as many as you’d think, with topics from studying abroad to sex education covered by local Vietnamese.

In no particular order here are our picks for podcasts about Vietnam. While there are many Vietnamese language podcasts our picks are all in English. The Blue Expat is mostly in Vietnamese but has some English language episodes. 

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A Vietnam Podcast

Since its inception in May 2019, A Vietnam Podcast (originally A Saigon Podcast) has been one of the top English language speaking podcasts in Vietnam. We all have a story. A Vietnam Podcast talks to people connected to Vietnam, who each share their individual story. We all have a story.

The Bureau Podcast

Vietnam’s food and beverage scene is evolving in so many delicious ways, from street food inspired tapas to coconut worm shots to organic produce from the highlands. Join The Bureau Chief Matt Cowan and guests as they share industry insights, discover bars and restaurants, and chat to people in the know.


The Saigoneer Podcast allows listeners to take our reporting, insight and banter anywhere through in-depth discussions on Vietnamese society and culture, as well as interviews with special guests.

The Vietnamese Podcast

Join Kenneth Nguyen as he spotlights Vietnamese excellence from around the world. Each episode explores the creative process of individuals shaping the diversity of what it means to be Vietnamese–as a local, born and raised, or as a third culture kid, and even the divisions that separate us politically and culturally.

The Vietnamese Boat People

Between 1975 to 1990s, almost two million Vietnamese risked their lives to flee oppression and hardship after the Vietnam War, in one of the largest mass exoduses in modern history. Escaping by boat, many were captured and brutally punished, and hundreds of thousands died along the journey. This population of people are known as the ‘Vietnamese Boat People’ and these are their stories.

Creators In Vietnam

Creators in Vietnam is a show based in the rapidly modernizing city of Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam, Co-hosted by Tue Si Nguyen, and Moni Le. Together, they have weekly intimate conversations with creative entrepreneurs on all topics of the human experience, such as fear, creativity, sexuality, relationships, health, mental wellness, spirituality, and so much more.

The Blue Expat

A place for Vietnamese living abroad, also known as Viet expat, to share how they face challenges, through which you can sympathize with their thinking or draw lessons and experiences for themselves. If you are a young person with many doubts about life, about finding your way to a new land or living abroad, then this is the podcast for you. The podcast includes interviews with Viet expats and solo-episodes, including host Linh Phuong’s (LinkPo) sharing about her experiences and lessons learned while living abroad.

Vietnam & Boba

Born and raised in post-1975 Vietnam, we come to a realisation that much of the world might not have seen past the Vietnam-equals-war narrative whenever they think of the Southeast Asian country. As children of Vietnamese working-class families and members of a growing young generation, we hope to show how we see our homeland as we embrace the good, the bad, the ugly and even the unknown. Our podcast is the beginning of our awakening, and we invite you to join us in this journey.

Soundscape Vietnam

By Jeremy Long from the Coastal Connection, a Saigon based Indie band.

Soundscape Vietnam highlights the country’s musicians and industry professionals from North to South.

Convo Comrades

A conversation with the community about Vietnam. We are Hieu-ck RAY and LONGK, and we’d like to share with you our humble perspectives on different topics, trends and industries in Vietnam. We will also invite guests onto our show to share their views, experiences, and insights into the myriad of topics in the country.

The Present Writer

Number 3 in the Apple Podcast charts pictured above, this is one of the most popular shows in Vietnam. For this reason we’ve listed it despite it being in Vietnamese (we hope some readers can understand).

The Present Writer started as a personal Blog in 2016 and gradually developed into a Youtube channel and a Podcast about life lessons, self-development and Minimalism.

The Present Writer was created by Chi Nguyen—Doctor of Education in the US, blogger, and author of “A Book of Minimalism”.

Vietnam Innovators

Vietnam is forecasted to be one of the fastest-growing economies in Southeast Asia and the world. To understand the dynamics behind Vietnam’s miracle growth, Vietcetera meets with business leaders every week to discuss the country’s future growth prospects. We also learn how they build and manage teams and why they think innovation will be key to Vietnam’s role in the world order.

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Other Notable Mentions

These podcasts are either not currently producing episodes any more or not strictly about Vietnam but made here and we recommend you check them out.


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