Why Play Works

Why Play Works – Redefining Work as Joyful and Transformative

Welcome to the Why Play Works podcast, where hosts Lucy Taylor and Tzuki Stewart delve into the extraordinary concept of reshaping work through the power of play. If you’ve ever wondered if work could be more joyful, fun, and invigorating, this podcast is your gateway to a new paradigm.

In each episode, Lucy and Tzuki engage with a diverse array of guests, including play practitioners, academics, and organizations that embrace play as a serious endeavor. Through captivating stories and enlightening interviews, they explore how work on serious problems can be both enjoyable and productive. Is play the opposite of work, or is it the key to unlocking success? How can reconnecting with our inherent playfulness enhance our work experiences, leading to greater fulfillment and vitality?

Why Play Works investigates the profound impact of play on resilience, well-being, collaboration, connection, and creativity in the workplace. Lucy Taylor, the founder of Make Work Play, utilizes her expertise in designing and leading playful processes that unleash individual and collective magic within teams. Her approach to facilitation is immersive, creative, and imbued with a sense of play. Through Make Work ‘Playshops,’ she creates a space where hard work can be accomplished in a manner that feels enlivening and fun.

Tzuki Stewart, co-founder of Playfilled, brings her background in consulting, investment management, and organizational development to the conversation. Playfilled, a culture consultancy at the forefront of new ways of working, empowers forward-thinking businesses to transform for high performance through purposeful play. Through leadership talks, workshops, and change programs, they help organizations adapt to the evolving expectations of work, fostering creativity, collaboration, and continuous learning.

Discover how harnessing the power of play can reshape work into a more joyful, purposeful, and fulfilling experience. Lucy Taylor and Tzuki Stewart, along with their esteemed guests, challenge conventional notions of work and inspire listeners to embrace play as a catalyst for unlocking their true potential.

Copyright 2023 Lucy Taylor and Tzuki Stewart. Edited by Niall Mackay from Seven Million Bikes Podcasts.