Tangents, by Out Of Architecture

“Tangents by Out of Architecture” is a thought-provoking podcast that delves into the intriguing and diverse career journeys of individuals with a background in architecture. Hosted by Silvia Lee, this show explores the paths these professionals have taken beyond traditional architectural practice, offering unique insights into the myriad possibilities available to those in the field.

Recently, the podcast has undergone a significant transformation, with editing duties now helmed by Niall Mackay, known for his outstanding work as the founder of Seven Million Bikes Podcasts. Niall brings his extensive experience in podcasting to ensure that the episodes maintain a high standard of production and storytelling.

The episodes of “Tangents by Out of Architecture” feature engaging conversations with a wide array of guests, including architects, designers, and professionals from various industries. They share their personal experiences and the valuable skills they’ve carried from architecture into their new roles. Listeners are treated to fascinating stories of career transitions, highlighting the adaptability and versatility of architectural expertise.

This podcast serves as an inspiring resource for anyone in the architecture and design world who is curious about the diverse career opportunities that await beyond traditional architectural practice. “Tangents by Out of Architecture” showcases the multifaceted talents and capabilities of professionals in the field, demonstrating that architectural knowledge can be a springboard to success in various industries.