Pattern Shift

The biggest challenge of mine was letting go of perfectionism when editing so I could get my episodes edited in a healthy amount of time.

This left me feeling extremely frustrated.

Now I’m working with Niall at Seven Million Bikes Podcasts I don’t have to worry about the editing process anymore and it’s bought me back time to use on other things I enjoy and am better at.

My podcast now gets released on schedule every other week.

Get off the bloody fence if you’re considering working with Niall, it’s much more comfortable on the other side of it. Get rid of those spikes in your bum and start having fun!

It’s not just helping yourself, Niall is also just a really great person to work with. He makes the process of working together fun and relaxed.

Saskia de Feijter

Edited by Seven Million Bikes Podcasts, Pattern Shift, formerly known as “A Smaller Life,” is a podcast dedicated to supporting overwhelmed small business owners in the fiber and needle craft industry. Hosted by Saskia de Feijter, the podcast offers valuable guidance on setting up and organizing businesses for growth and personal well-being. With a focus on sustainability and conscious decision-making, Pattern Shift aims to counterbalance the fast fashion industry and encourage makers to craft fashion slowly and more sustainably.

Through engaging interviews with experts, both well-known and emerging, the podcast delves into the realities of turning one’s passion into a profitable venture. Listeners gain insights into the wins and woes of running a creative business, product and design considerations, conscious decision-making, branding, and effective communication strategies. Pattern Shift goes beyond surface-level discussions and delves into the emotional aspects of entrepreneurship, emphasizing the importance of personal well-being and avoiding burnout.

The podcast also explores the broader topic of creating a more sustainable fashion industry. It emphasizes the need for deliberate choices, planning, and understanding personal values when it comes to building a sustainable wardrobe. By showcasing the experiences and journeys of successful small business owners, Pattern Shift inspires listeners to dream big and contribute to a future where value-based businesses and the kindness economy thrive.

Pattern Shift encourages audience engagement and offers various ways to support the podcast and its mission. From joining the Ja, Wol online community and becoming a patron to leaving voice messages and spreading the word, listeners are encouraged to be active participants in the movement toward a more ethical and sustainable fashion industry.