Mindset, Mood and Movement

I was so excited to start my podcast to support my business, but I had no idea how to produce it.

It was incredibly frustrating but working with Seven Million Bikes Podcasts I simply advise Niall on my edit requirements and the rest is taken care of for me.

Some guests have used ‘er’ and ‘um’ plus ‘lip-smacking’ sounds.or low quality or very quiet – all of which have been beautifully edited and enhanced so the end result is so professional without all that noise.

If you feel frustrated like me and want to get a professionally produced podcast out into the world then contact Niall, have a chat and explain your challenges and needs – Niall will listen and guide you.

I’ve been super happy working with Niall – highly recommended!

Sal Jefferies – Mindset, Mood & Movement

“Mindset, Mood & Movement” host Sal Jefferies shares his personal journey of self-discovery and invites listeners to explore the interconnectedness of beliefs, emotions, lifestyle, and physicality.

Sal introduces himself as someone who, despite checking off numerous self-development items from his list, felt little internal transformation. Determined to find answers about himself and life, Sal embarked on a quest that led him through various avenues such as self-help, therapy, philosophy, yoga, psychology, and performance coaching.

Through his experiences, Sal realized that our personal stories and the way we perceive ourselves shape our beliefs, emotions, and overall well-being. He emphasizes the empowering notion that everyone possesses the ability to change their narrative and transform their lives.

Sal explains that many individuals, driven by their intelligence and motivation, strive to improve themselves to bring about fundamental change. However, when their efforts to change the external world yield frustration and stagnation, he encourages them to look inward. He believes that the key to personal growth lies within ourselves.

In the podcast , Sal aims to assist people in freeing themselves from negative beliefs and old ideas while cultivating a profound self-confidence. By engaging with specialists in health, psychology, movement, and performance, as well as interviewing leaders, Sal intends to explore how aligning mental, emotional, and physical well-being can help individuals transcend anxiety, foster conviction, create impact in various aspects of life and business, and ultimately find happiness.

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This podcast promises to provide valuable insights, guidance, and conversations with experts that can support listeners in their personal growth journey. By exploring the connections between mindset, mood, and movement, Sal aims to help individuals uncover their true potential and create positive transformations in their lives.