Inspired By Purpose

Editing client videos on Descript was the absolute biggest challenge for us as it wasn’t where we wanted to spend our time. I was feeling extremely annoyed as I wanted to use my time working with clients rather than editing.

So I connected with Niall from Seven Million Bikes Podcasts and he was able to help us with exactly what we needed. His understanding of what was required each time was incredible and was always flexible.

Seven Million Bikes Podcasts got the job done, done right and done quickly!

Now we have lots more content for our podcast! And more time to spend working with our clients.

I would definitely recommend working with them! They are a pleasure!

Dr Azi Jankovic

Welcome to the Inspired by Purpose Podcast, hosted by Dr Azi Jankovic. This engaging podcast aims to inspire and guide purpose-driven individuals and companies to make their greatest impact. Azi, an educator at heart with a doctorate in Education Leadership, combines her expertise and passion for people to support their personal and professional growth. Through her podcast, she shares actionable insights from entrepreneurs and thought leaders, helping listeners live and work inspired by purpose.

Azi Jankovic has a diverse background that encompasses various roles and accomplishments. As the co-owner of Kesher Video, she has been involved in the family video digitization service since 2005. Her journey expanded to include Ahava Films for Weddings, Jankovic Productions for Corporate Video, and ultimately the establishment of Kesher Video, a full-service production agency specializing in supporting the growth of Israel-based companies. In 2023, with the support of Seven Million Bikes Podcasts, Azi launched, a spinoff dedicated to producing marketing videos tailored for social media. With her extensive experience, she is well-equipped to handle projects of any size.

In addition to her work in the video production industry, Azi authored her first book in 2019, titled “Beyond All Things: 50 Insights to Awaken Joy, Purpose, and Spiritual Connection.” Her expertise as an educator and consultant for small business owners, as well as her role as a strategic advisor for startups, further solidify her position as a trusted guide in the entrepreneurial world.

Inspired by Purpose Podcast: Launched in 2019 as the Within Us Podcast and later renamed to Inspired by Purpose, Azi’s podcast serves as a platform for sharing universal spiritual wisdom with a wide audience. The podcast features insightful conversations with entrepreneurs and thought leaders, offering practical guidance to inspire purpose-driven individuals in their personal and professional lives. Listeners can expect refreshing, inspiring, and uplifting content, sprinkled with actionable strategies for today’s entrepreneurs. Each episode provides a valuable mix of inspiration, practical advice, and deep insights to motivate and empower the audience.

Azi’s passion for speaking and connecting with others has led her to engage with hundreds of thousands of individuals over the past five years. She is a captivating speaker on the topic of living and leading inspired by purpose, bringing a unique blend of research, timeless universal spiritual wisdom, deep intuition, and creative approaches to her presentations. Whether it’s a workshop, event, or keynote address, Azi’s speaking engagements leave a lasting impact, empowering her audience to believe in their dreams, embrace their qualifications, and seek support on their journey to success.

The Inspired by Purpose Podcast, hosted by Azi Jankovic, offers a valuable resource for purpose-driven individuals and companies seeking guidance and inspiration. Azi’s extensive background in video production, education, and consulting, coupled with her passion for connecting with people, make her a trusted source of wisdom and support. Through her podcast and speaking engagements, Azi empowers her audience to live and work inspired by purpose, believing in their unique abilities and confidently pursuing their dreams. Don’t miss the opportunity to be uplifted, inspired, and guided on your journey by tuning in to the Inspired by Purpose Podcast.