I’m Back!

“I’m Back!” is an inspiring and insightful podcast hosted by Serena Savini that explores the challenges and triumphs of returning to work after a life-changing experience. Whether it’s overcoming illness, injury, or taking maternity leave, Serena shares her own personal journey and engages in conversations with guests to shed light on navigating change with empathy and emerging stronger than ever.

Hosted by Serena Savini, an HR expert, facilitator, and counselor, “I’m Back!” draws upon her extensive experience working in big organizations and startups across Europe and the US. Serena brings a heart-centric approach to human resources and learning and development, making her the perfect guide to explore the complexities of returning to work after significant life events.

The podcast delves into the stories of individuals who have faced various life-changing experiences and successfully transitioned back to their professional lives. Serena and her guests share personal anecdotes, insights, and practical advice on creating a warm and supportive environment to facilitate a smooth reentry into the workforce.

Each episode of “I’m Back!” offers listeners a chance to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges that returning employees may encounter and provides valuable strategies and resources to help them thrive. By highlighting different perspectives, Serena aims to foster empathy and promote an inclusive and compassionate workplace culture.

With a genuine curiosity about the human experience, Serena explores a wide range of topics related to coming back to work after life-altering events. Some of the episodes featured include “Growing Parents, with Katerina Di Marco,” “Empowering Inclusion, with Olla Jongerius,” “Listening to Your Music, with Sara Huang,” “Treating Yourself Nicely, with Tina Dreisicke,” and “Seeking Happiness, with Puneet Singh Singhal.”

The podcast’s show notes provide additional information about each episode, allowing listeners to delve deeper into the topics covered. The show artwork, created by Sara Ronzoni, complements the podcast’s mission by visually representing the podcast’s themes of growth, resilience, and empowerment.

“I’m Back!” is an empowering podcast that offers a wealth of inspiration and guidance for individuals navigating the process of returning to work after a life-changing experience. Through honest conversations, personal anecdotes, and expert insights, Serena Savini and her guests provide a roadmap for creating a supportive and nurturing environment for returning employees.

Whether you’re an individual going through a transition or an employer seeking to foster a more inclusive workplace, “I’m Back!” is a must-listen podcast that champions resilience and celebrates the power of the human spirit.

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