My husband and I had been planning our podcast, Connect-Empower, for many months but everything about it was challenging but mostly editing and trying to figure out Descript!

I honestly felt defeated, frustrated and ready to give up!  It even challenged our partnership.

After we started working with Seven Million Bikes Podcasts I can’t describe the relief! We didn’t feel like failures any more.

The time Niall has taken to not only teach us step by step but the random messages or phone calls we have sent him and he has made himself available to us.  He is more than a mentor, he has become our friend. Random check-ins with us to see how we are doing!  He is such a treasure!

You would be stupid to not use him!  Your podcast and you will become better because of his guidance, care and love for his clients to succeed!

Just so grateful!  Thank you!

Erin and John, Connect-Empower

Connect-Empower, spearheaded by Erin and John Mills, is a compelling podcast aimed at supporting and guiding aging adults towards making informed life choices. From navigating serious issues to embracing the joy of life, the podcast is a beacon of empowerment, connecting its audience with valuable resources.

Niall’s editing prowess and dedication have been instrumental in shaping Connect-Empower. Erin and John, once on the brink of giving up, now express profound gratitude for Niall’s guidance and support. In Niall’s own words, “Editing is not just about cutting and pasting; it’s about weaving a story that resonates with the audience. Connect-Empower is a testament to the power of storytelling in podcasts, and I am honored to contribute to a narrative that empowers and connects aging adults.”