Christina Mackay

I had been really struggling to find a ‘joined up’ solution to my problem of installing my mic and audio interface to record and edit on Descript.

I was so frustrated, as I could find guides for each issue I was dealing with, but not joined up together. I had spent hours trying to find the solution.

After just a 90 minute video coaching call with Niall I can now record and edit audio at home producing studio quality sound.

I was shown patience when I kept getting things wrong, which was very important to me. If this hadn’t happened I would’ve given up and found another company. I couldn’t recommend Niall and Seven Million Bikes enough to solve your podcasting or audio problems.

Christina Mackay – Freelance radio journalist

Christina Mackay’s journey into the world of voice-over artistry is nothing short of inspiring. With a solid background in broadcast journalism, including roles at prestigious institutions like the BBC and various commercial radio stations, Christina’s transition into voice-over work was a natural evolution. Her dedication to honing her craft is evident in her training, including courses at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and participation in seminars with organizations like the Voice Over Network and Gravy For The Brain.

Christina’s versatility shines through in her voice reels, offering a range of voices to cater to diverse requirements. Her passion for storytelling and commitment to excellence make her a sought-after voice talent.

Moreover, her collaboration with Seven Million Bikes Podcasts to address technical challenges in setting up audio recording and editing equipment demonstrates her determination to deliver high-quality work.

Christina’s tenacity and expertise make her a valuable asset in the world of voice-over and audio production. If you’re seeking a professional who can bring your project to life with exceptional vocal artistry, Christina Mackay is the voice to consider.

If you want to book a coaching call on Descript to save you hours of time, pain and frustration then get in touch.