Niall has never disappointed me and my team. He’s reliable, professional and resourceful. 

We gave Niall quite some roles to try out from podcast host (interview business leaders about the future of work), voice talent to content research (about desk setups) and he’s just open to do his best at a professional level.  

Pinky Hoang, Autonomous

Join host Niall Mackay from Seven Million Bikes Podcasts as he delved into the future of work in the insightful podcast series, “The Future of Work: Interviewed Business Leaders.” In each episode, Niall sat down with prominent business leaders to discuss the ever-evolving landscape of work, particularly in light of the post-pandemic era.

As organizations navigated the transition back to the office and explored hybrid work models, it was crucial to gain insights straight from the experts. Niall engaged in fireside chats with CEOs, founders, and industry pioneers who shared their valuable experiences and perspectives on remote work, flexible work arrangements, and the challenges and opportunities presented by the changing work environment.

From CEOs leading successful remote-first companies to thought leaders shaping the future of work, this podcast series provided a platform for in-depth conversations about the strategies, technologies, and cultural shifts that were shaping the way we work. Topics covered included remote work best practices, hybrid work models, optimizing productivity, fostering collaboration, and creating work environments that promote employee well-being and engagement.

Whether you were a business leader, an HR professional, an entrepreneur, or simply interested in the future of work, “The Future of Work: Interviewed Business Leaders” offered valuable insights and practical takeaways to help navigate the evolving work landscape.

Tuned into this engaging podcast series and gained valuable perspectives on the future of work from industry experts, hosted by Niall Mackay from Seven Million Bikes Podcasts.

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This podcast is a must listen, if you wanna take your podcast to the next level. Listen wherever you get podcasts or you watch it on YouTube. I want to help you build your audience and connect with your community.

Niall Mackay, The Podcast Guy, took a year to curate and create his course to take you from a podcast beginner to expert in as little as a week.