Best Harry Potter Podcasts For Muggles On Spotify

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Now that Dumbledore’s Secret is coming out in theatres, it is time to go over the 5 best Harry Potter podcasts! These selections are all about insightful spells, magic, and puny witchcraft.

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A little nostalgia? A sprinkle of magic? How else should I describe these 10 best Harry Potter podcasts for you… 

As a podcast expert and Harry Potter fan, I also want to highlight these podcast shows’ structure, engaging tone, and research!

best harry potter podcast

Read till the end to find out the best podcast show about the life of the Chosen One.

Whether you’re reliving the wonder of Hogwarts or discovering the magic for the first time, these podcasts are your Floo Network to all things Harry Potter. Get ready to get lost in the Wizarding World through the best Harry Potter podcasts on Spotify. Accio headphones!

The 10 Best Harry Potter Podcasts

MuggleCast: The Harry Potter Podcast

MuggleCast is one of the most popular Harry Potter podcasts on streaming platforms! Could this be because it’s full of magic? Yes.

MuggleCast is the Daily Prophet of our simple muggle world. They are witty and well-organized, keeping fans informed in a super entertaining way. The weekly episodes cover everything about Harry Potter, books, movies, and even the latest news about the whole series! 

Also, their podcast intro is catchy, I like their version of the well-known Harry-Potter theme song!


Pure Potter celebration and magic. PotterCast started in 2005, and it has been running insightful and friendly episodes on Harry Potter nostalgia.

With insightful interviews and discussions with creators and actors of Harry Potter, PotterCast brings its listeners to Hogwarts. Not just the catchy and witty name, but the whole show is a blessing for Harry Potter fans. 

PotterCast hosts invited the witch and the author herself, JK Rowling, onto the show, split between episodes 130 and 131, giving insights behind the scenes.

 For more information on that, you can read more on Potter Fandom.

Just Keep Rowling

You know the saying…

When you feel like a dragon is about to hunt your down, Just Keep Rowling.

I just made this up, but the Just Keep Rowling podcast has non-of-this nonsense!

This podcast show has been run by two magical witches, Helen and Keighty, since 2019. Their podcast is all about comparing and contrasting the book series and the movies, so you can get more insights between the movie production and the books.

The Quibbler: A Harry Potter Book Club

Are you more of a Harry Potter book vs movie person? If you want to dive into the book series, The Quibbler is the podcast show for you.

The hosts, Heather and Alex, go through the book series chapter-by-chapter and discuss all aspects of the world of our favourite wizards and witches.

If you only read the book series as a child, The Quibbler helps you discover new insights that we couldn’t have known as kids.


We all have that one friend who can poke holes just for the sake of debate. Potter fans, here you got Mike Schubert, the host of the Potterless podcast.

He’s been documenting his journey and finally reading through the series! As a newbie himself, Mike also points out plot holes and makes fun of some parts – which, let’s just say – not all fans do.

Potterless podcast episodes stand out from the rest because it gives a new and unbiased snarky analysis of our favourite Wizard world. 

I guess that’s 9 ¾ times better than I would do it. 

Harry Potter at Home: Readings

Initiated by J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World and performed by various celebrities, this podcast is a special series created in response to the global COVID-19 pandemic that brings the magic of the Harry Potter series directly to Potterheads at home!

Each episode offers a unique and engaging experience as different readers bring their interpretation to the iconic narrative. From actors of the Wizarding World films to celebrities expressing their love for Harry Potter, the readings create a sense of unity and comfort for fans during challenging times.

It shows that the Wizarding World can still bring comfort, joy, and a sense of community, even when things are hard.

Swish and Flick: A Harry Potter Podcast

Wingardium Leviosa!

Hosted by four passionate Potterheads—Sarah O’Connor, Megan Petruska, Tiffany O’Grady, and Katie Petruska. This podcast goes over every chapter of the books providing insightful commentary, humor, and a dose of nostalgia for fans of all ages.

“Swish and Flick” actively engages with its audience through social media platforms, including a dedicated Facebook group where fans can discuss episodes, share their thoughts, and connect with fellow Potterheads. Celebrating the magical world of Harry Potter and the shared love of its viewers, the podcast builds a sense of community.

Binge Mode: Harry Potter

Accio Potterhead bookworms! From the first book to the final installment, this podcast series takes a detailed analysis, humor, and an unabashed love for all things magical.

This shows how magical J.K. Rowling’s work is even after all these years. This podcast takes you on a fun and thought-provoking trip through the heart of the Wizarding World, whether you’re a Potterhead or a curious Muggle.

Harry Potter Sacred Text

Through thoughtful discussions and insightful interpretations, this podcast goes beyond a traditional literary analysis by examining the books through the lens of empathy, compassion, and ethical reasoning.

By treating the Harry Potter series as a sacred text, the hosts invite listeners to reflect on their own lives and values. Themes such as love, friendship, courage, and social justice are explored, making the podcast a meaningful and introspective experience.

This podcast shows how stories can always move people to think, care, and grow by treating the Harry Potter books like sacred books.

The Real Weird Sisters: A Harry Potter Podcast

Mischief Managed!

Taking a humorous and genuine approach to the Wizarding World, Alice and Martha infuse each episode with their delightful sisterly dynamic, sharing laughs and anecdotes while dissecting the intricacies of J.K. Rowling’s magical universe.

In addition to their regular chapter discussions, Alice and Martha host special episodes that explore specific topics related to the Harry Potter series. From sorting characters into Hogwarts houses to participating in the Triwizard Tournament, these episodes add variety and excitement to the podcast. They also occasionally host live events and engage in challenges, enhancing the podcast’s dynamic content.

Final Take On The Best Harry Potter Podcast

As a fan, my biased opinion is that the best Harry Potter Podcast is MuggleCast. Simply because their podcast intro is well-thought-out, and they’ve got a well-rounded mix of book reviews, episodes, and updates on the Wizard World. 

What is your personal favorite? Let me know in the comments!

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