7 Best Podcasts For Small Business Owners


Are you going to start up your own company, or are you a small business owner? And you’re looking for practical advice, and experience from business professionals? Don’t you know that podcasts, besides entertaining, can also provide you with information and guidelines? Today, let me share the top best podcasts for small business owners.

I’m Niall Mackay, The Podcast Guy. I’m the founder of Seven Million Bikes Podcasts. In daily life, whenever I find myself in need of information or seeking sage advice, I’ve developed a reliable go-to: podcasts. From podcasting tips, and sports news to history stories or art, there always seems to be a podcast host sharing my interests.

Niall Mackay, The Podcast Guy

The hosts and guests aren’t just casual narrators – they’re successful small business owners, with extensive backgrounds and hands-on experiences in the field. It’s not just advice; it’s a mentorship session that accompanies you on your entrepreneurial voyage.

Power of Podcasts for Small Business Owners

Whether you’re commuting, working out, or grabbing a quick coffee, these audio sessions transform idle moments into opportunities for learning. Small business owners can absorb expert advice, industry insights, and actionable strategies effortlessly.

Real Stories, Real Solutions

What textbooks might lack, podcasts deliver through real stories.

Beyond theoretical knowledge, podcasts provide a treasure trove of real-world experiences. Entrepreneurs and business owners share their journeys—failures, successes, and the invaluable lessons learned. This narrative-rich content equips small business owners with practical solutions to common challenges, offering a playbook derived from tangible experiences.

  • Practical Insight: Navigate challenges with tried-and-true strategies shared by those who have walked the same path.
  • Problem-Solving Toolbox: Build a toolkit of solutions for diverse business scenarios and you can apply these to your own business.
Best Podcasts for Small Business Owners

Access to Expert Minds

Podcasts break down the barriers between aspiring entrepreneurs and industry titans. Small business owners gain access to the minds of successful individuals, tapping into their reservoirs of knowledge. The candid discussions with renowned guests open doors to diverse perspectives, methodologies, and unconventional approaches.

Fueling Innovation and Creativity

Creativity is the heartbeat of successful businesses. Podcasts infuse fresh ideas into the entrepreneurial bloodstream. From innovative business models to creative problem-solving techniques, these audio platforms act as catalysts for original thinking, inspiring small business owners to reimagine their ventures.

  • Inspiration Source: Ignite creative sparks by exploring unique and imaginative business concepts.
  • Out-of-the-Box Thinking: Challenge conventional wisdom, encouraging innovative approaches.
  • Problem-solving Diversity: Explore diverse solutions to common challenges, fostering creative problem-solving.

If you want to get access to more creative minds, check out these podcasts about creativity.

A Fountain of Networking Opportunities

Every industry has its own network. Therefore, building more relationship with industry leaders give you opportunities to engage with a community of business leaders, creating a support system for mutual growth.

Podcasts serve as an unconventional yet powerful networking avenue. Entrepreneurs connect with like-minded individuals, potential mentors, and collaborators around the world. This virtual network becomes a source of collaboration, mentorship, and partnerships that may not have been possible through traditional means.

Best Small Business Podcasts

  1. The How of Business

The podcast covers a wide array of topics relevant to small business owners, making it a one-stop resource for business advice. Each episode covers a range of topics, from increasing sales close rates to risk reduction. With a focus on practical strategies and real-world experiences, The How of Business stands out for its actionable insights and the depth of knowledge in the business world.

The How of Business Podcast

Host: Henry Lopez and David Begin

Henry Lopez and David Begin, both seasoned entrepreneurs and business coaches, co-host The How of Business podcast. Their extensive experience in various industries brings a practical and holistic approach to the show.


The How of Business frequently features expert guests, including successful entrepreneurs and industry leaders. These guests share their personal business ideas, strategies for success, and insights for business growth.

The diverse lineup of guests ensures a comprehensive exploration of different aspects of business, providing listeners with a well-rounded perspective on entrepreneurship.

  • Megan Bennett
  • Aleric Heck
  • Dan Perry
  1. The Duct Tape Marketing Podcast

If you want to learn more about marketing, note this marketing-focused podcast.

What sets this podcast apart is its emphasis on marketing strategies that are accessible to small business owners with limited resources. The actionable advice provided by Jantsch and his guests equips entrepreneurs with practical tools to elevate their marketing efforts and grow their businesses.

Wide range of topics:

  • Paid traffic
  • Latest content marketing trends
  • Social media strategies

Host: John Jantsch

John Jantsch, a renowned marketing expert and the author of “Duct Tape Marketing,” hosts this podcast. His in-depth knowledge of marketing, especially for small businesses, makes him a trusted source of insights. Jantsch’s approach emphasizes cost-efficient marketing strategies, making it particularly beneficial for new business owners working with limited budgets.


The podcast features a lineup of guests who are experts in marketing, business development, and entrepreneurship. These guests share their expertise on various aspects of marketing, offering practical tips that align with the podcast’s focus on cost-effective strategies. Listeners gain valuable insights into creating impactful marketing campaigns without breaking the bank.

The Duct Tape Marketing Podcast
  1. How I Built This

How I Built This stands out for its storytelling approach, offering a blend of inspiration and practical insights. Raz’s ability to extract the essence of entrepreneurial journeys makes this podcast a go-to for those seeking motivational stories and lessons from the founders of household names.

Host: Guy Raz

Guy Raz, an award-winning journalist and storyteller, hosts How I Built This. With a captivating interviewing style, Raz explores the journeys of founders and entrepreneurs who built iconic companies. His deep dive into the entrepreneurial stories behind well-known brands creates a compelling narrative that resonates with aspiring business owners.

How I Built This


The podcast features interviews with the best business founders from successful and recognizable brands. From Instagram to Southwest Airlines, Raz explores the challenges, triumphs, and pivotal moments in the entrepreneurial journeys of these guests. Listeners get a behind-the-scenes look at the makings of globally influential businesses.

  • Joe Gebbia
  • Herb Kelleher
  • Jimmy Wales
  1. Business Wars

Another great small business podcast is Business Wars. It distinguishes itself through its focus on strategic business analysis. Listeners gain a deeper understanding of the competitive landscape and the pivotal moments that shaped the business world. Brown’s engaging narrative style makes complex business strategies accessible to a broad audience.

Host: David Brown

David Brown, a veteran journalist and host, leads Business Wars. The podcast takes a unique approach by pitting business rivals against each other, analyzing their strategies, and exploring the competition that shapes industries. Brown’s storytelling prowess brings a dramatic flair to the world of business.

While Business Wars doesn’t feature traditional guest interviews, each episode provides an in-depth analysis of the battles between business competitors. The podcast explores iconic rivalries like Nike vs. Adidas and Apple vs. Microsoft, offering valuable insights into the strategic decisions that defined these competitions.

  1. The Knowledge Project

The Knowledge Project stands out for its focus on intellectual exploration. Parrish delves into the minds of his guests, uncovering the mental models and frameworks that have contributed to their success. The podcast appeals to those seeking in-depth discussions and timeless wisdom from accomplished individuals.

Host: Shane Parrish

Shane Parrish, an entrepreneur and former intelligence analyst, hosts The Knowledge Project. Known for his deep conversations with experts across various fields, Parrish explores the principles and mental models that contribute to success. His analytical approach and curiosity make the podcast a treasure trove of intellectual insights.


The podcast interviews leading professionals, thinkers, and experts from diverse disciplines. Guests range from Nobel laureates to successful entrepreneurs, providing listeners with a broad spectrum of perspectives. The Knowledge Project’s guests share their wisdom, strategies, and life lessons.

  1. The Best Small Business Show

Brian Moran’s expertise shines through in the podcast’s concise and actionable advice. The episodes, focusing on key challenges like marketing and leadership, provide tangible takeaways for small business owners looking to enhance their operations.

Host: Brian Moran

Brian Moran, founder of Small Business Edge, serves as the guiding force behind this podcast. With a background in coaching and advising small business owners, Moran brings a practical and hands-on approach to addressing common challenges.

The show regularly features guests who contribute diverse perspectives, including the world’s best entrepreneurs and business experts. This mix ensures that listeners gain insights from a variety of experiences.

  1. Planet Money

What sets NPR’s Planet Money apart is its distinctive storytelling approach to economics. Rather than presenting dry statistics and abstract concepts, the podcast employs a narrative-driven style that brings economic subjects to life. The hosts skillfully weave storytelling with expert analysis, making even the most intricate economic factors accessible to a broad audience.


Planet Money, a podcast under the esteemed NPR banner, features a dynamic group of NPR correspondents, each specializing in different facets of economics. The collaborative nature of the hosting team brings a rich diversity of perspectives, ensuring that economic topics are approached from various angles.


The podcast strategically invites guests with hands-on experience and a profound understanding of economic dynamics. The guest lineup includes individuals who have navigated the challenges of the business world, providing practical insights for small business owners.

Podcasts for Small Business Growth

If you have just started your business, and you’re looking for a channel to connect with potential partners, engage your audience, and expand your reach, why don’t you try Podcast?

Through my journey as a podcast producer, I’ve seen businesses transform their communication strategies, elevate their brand presence, and forge meaningful connections with their audience. Podcasting isn’t just a medium; it’s a journey, and I’ve been privileged to guide businesses as they navigate this exciting and ever-expanding realm.

Let me show you how podcasts can help your business:

Reach a Wider Audience

In the vast landscape of the internet, reaching a wide audience is a constant challenge. Podcasts break through geographical barriers, providing a global platform for your startup. Whether your potential partners are across the city or on the other side of the world, a podcast ensures your message reaches them wherever they are.

Showcase Your Vision and Expertise

As a startup owner, you have a unique vision and expertise that sets your business apart. Podcasting allows you to showcase this in a way that goes beyond written content. Engage in discussions, share your insights, and let your passion shine through. This positions your startup as a leader in the industry.

Humanize Your Brand

Behind every startup, there’s a story, and often, a face. Humanizing your brand is crucial for connecting with your audience. Podcasts provide a platform to introduce the people behind the startup, share your journey, and let your personality shine. This personal touch builds a connection that goes beyond business transactions.

Networking Opportunities

Podcasting opens doors to networking opportunities that go beyond traditional methods. Invite industry experts, potential partners, or even customers to be guests on your podcast. This not only expands your network but also provides valuable content for your audience.

Podcasting Service

Want to have your own podcast? Seven Million Bikes Podcasts is here to help, contact me when you need advice on podcasts. If you want to start your own, I also have a podcast course to give you a step-by-step guide. Besides, I can be your podcast host, editor, or producer.

Best Podcasts For Small Business Owners – Summary

Podcast becomes abundantly clear that podcasts are not just a medium; they are a source of invaluable advice and a conduit for sharing meaningful experiences.

Besides, consider using Podcasts as a bridge between your business and future partners. The intimate conversations, the authentic narratives, and the thought leadership cultivated through podcasts contribute to the expansion of your brand.

Check out these podcasts I recommend for you, I believe you will become a successful businessman in the near future!

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