Why Do Podcasters Wear Headphones?

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Why Do Podcasters Wear Headphones?

Why do podcasters wear headphones in the first place? And how does wearing a pair of headphones save your entire recording? Let’s find out!

Niall Mackay

Niall Mackay

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Let’s just review what a podcaster needs for a successful recording: a microphone, a nice set-up, and sometimes, a friendly voice, too.

Just so that we don’t relive a miserable X-factor audition right in our ears.  

One common thing that we see on high-quality podcasts is those vast headphones. One shall ask, almost instantly:

Why on earth do you need to wear those gigantic ear covers just for the sake of recording an interview?!

Why do podcasters wear headphones in the first place? And how does wearing a pair of headphones save your entire recording? Let’s find out!

Wearing Headphones Isn’t Just A Flex

Podcasters wear headphones because it improves the whole podcast’s audio quality. Not for the shiny flex, but to enhance the quality of the interviews and episodes. 

If you are just starting a podcast, wearing headphones is equally beneficial and essential as buying a great microphone.

That’s why we recommend that anyone who is speaking during the podcast should wear headphones for better quality episodes. 

podcasting with guests

Become A Confident Podcast Host

Plus, as you get used to wearing your headphones, you’ll get used to your own voice and become a more confident podcast host.

“But I know how I sound!”

No, most likely you don’t. The voice that we hear day-to-day speaking isn’t quite reflecting your REAL voice. Wearing headphones helps you take your own sound and listen to it as others listen to it. It will come very awkward at first, but get used to your own voice.

Should You Bring A Headphone For Your Guests?

 Ideally, yes, you should have extra headphones for your guests. Not only because you want to come off as a well-prepared host, but also it’s going to save you a ton of time while editing or monitoring your podcast. 

You can also let new guests know to bring their own or make sure you have a spare one just in case. 

One more mini tip: If you spare one for your guests, make sure you give them headphones that go over their heads.- Just so you avoid hygiene issues like random ear wax sticking around…

Why Do Podcasters Wear Headphones?

Let’s dive deeper into how wearing headphones can save your podcast audio and generally bring a pleasant experience for both podcasts hosts and guests.

Wearing Headphones Improves Mic Technique

In simple terms, wearing your headphones allows you to listen to your own sounds and, therefore, control your speech level. This helps your microphone technique as you can manage your voice better.

Wearing headphones is very helpful for your guests too. As a host, you also don’t want to ask your guests to move closer to the mic or talk a bit louder or quieter while interviewing. Headphones just save you and your guests a lot more time from micromanaging. 

When You Wear Headphones, It Eases Up Your Podcast Editing

Even the best microphones pick up extra noise that you otherwise would not hear without headphones. Unexpected background noise, a phone buzzing, or a toilet flushing?! 

Wearing headphones while recording your podcast helps you avoid sounds that are otherwise impossible to edit later on.

We don’t want your recording to go useless! Most importantly, you do not want to call your guest again to re-record a part. 

The best way to edit your podcast is … when you have barely anything to edit! Simple? 

Wearing Headphones Can Save Your Whole Recording

If you aren’t convinced yet, headphones can save most of your recording by being conscious of what you and your guest sound like.

As a result, as a podcast host, you’ll avoid echoing, awkward background noise, and volume control. 

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