7 Podcasts To Listen To Right Now – Part 3

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7 Podcasts To Listen To Right Now

In this 7-part Series I’ll share with you podcasts by people who shared their stories on A Vietnam Podcast.

Part 3 is about Tuê-si Nguyen from Creators in Vietnam podcast.

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By Niall Mackay

The next podcaster from A Vietnam Podcast I want to share with you is Tuê-Si Nguyen – host of the podcast Creators in Vietnam. Our podcasts not only share the “Vietnam” in our names but also the purpose of bringing the stories of remarkable people that are living and working here to the world! 

Who is Tuê-si Nguyen?

Calm and soulful might be your first impresSion of Tuê-Si when you listen to his episode in A Vietnam Podcast. He has been told that he has a soothing voice that can lull people to sleep,and you may even agree with many of my friends that his voice is a even more than that – it’s sexy! 

Conflicting cultures

So who is Tuê-Si Nguyen? The answer is complicated, even the man can’t tell you himself if you ask him questions like: Are you a Vietnamese or a French? Are you Canadian? Where do you think you belong? 

So why does he feel like this?

Tuê-Si finds it difficult but interesting at the same time digging deep into his roots. He was born in France to two native Vietnamese parents, having an Asian appearance but speaking only French. In France, Tuê-Si was “not so welcome” as an immigrant, and at the same time he was told “you are definitely not Asian” by his Asian friends. 

“I pretended to be French, telling you which wine is good and which cheese to eat with it”, and jokes about how he coped with his “identity crisis” for 20 years of his life. Tuê-Si felt that he did not belong but was still proud to be “gifted with different cultures”. 

Back to Vietnam

After the death of his mother when he was just 6 years old, Tuê-Si moved to Canada, leaving behind his “toxic, typical Asian” father. Here, he got addicted to meth and became a high functioning addict. He describes his life during this time, that he definitely had a “meth – life balanced”, using drugs but still doing good at job at the same time. 

It makes  me laugh when Tuê-Si told me that he decided to move to Vietnam to quit his addiction when anyone who lives in Saigon knows how easy it is to find drugs of any kind on any random corner on Bui Vien street. However, Tuê-Si deserves respect and congratulations, he didn’t relapse! 

Here in Vietnam, he also found out stunning secrets about his family through a famous biography of his family that he never knew about, telling the different truths other than what he had heard from his father.  

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Hear Tuê-Si’s Full Story

To hear the full and shocking story from Tuê-Si check out his episode on A Vietnam Podcast to get a deeper understanding of the man and also the podcast Creators of Vietnam to hear more about stories of people creating creative impacts in Vietnam.

Listen to Tuê-si Nguyen on A Vietnam Podcast here.

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