7 Podcasts To Listen To Right Now​ – Pt 1

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7 Podcasts To Listen To Right Now

A Vietnam Podcast has interviewed people from all around the world, all backgrounds and jobs. Many of them host popular podcasts available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Spotify.  

In this 7-part Series I’ll share with you podcasts by people who shared their stories on A Vietnam Podcast.

Part 1 is about Tracey Nguyen Mang from the Vietnamese Boat People Podcast.

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By Niall Mackay

Vietnam War 1975

The reunification of Vietnam in 1975 led to Vietnamese refugees seeking asyslum by boat. By 1978 an estimated 62,000 Vietnamese Boat People sought refuge throughout Southeast Asia rising to 350,000 by mid-1979, with another 200,000 having moved to permanent residence in other countries.

Vietnamese Refugees

In 1981, Tracey Mang Nguyen was among thousands of Vietnamese people who fled the country with her family. They arrived in America and started to make a new life, leaving the part of the diaspora journey behind that remains vague in the memory of 3-year old Tracey.

40 years later, with her own children now Tracey started to wonder about the lifestyle that her kids were growing up in compared to hers and her families. Like her, they had no idea about what their mother and family had been through.

The Birth of the Vietnamese Boat People Podcast

For this reason, Tracey decided to gather pieces of stories about her family’s journey to the USA.. Beginning with her father and older brothers, who for the first time shared their story with her.

From that, the podcast Vietnamese Boat People was born, sharing stories and saving them as a source of touching and emotional oral pieces of history for Vietnamese diaspora younger generations to experience.

Tracey Nguyen Mang Vietnamese Boat People Podcast

Vietnamese Diaspora Stories

It takes bravery to unfold a traumatic pastime of a community, but Tracy with the sensitivity of a mother has chosen to do so to save them for descendants. As a result,  the podcast has become a trusted channel for many Vietnamese diaspora to share their stories, raise their voices and views. 

Vietnamese Boat People now has more than 40 episodes published on platforms with a variety of guests and stories, ranging from generation of boatmen to their descendants, providing new views and remarkable dedication they have made for the community. 

Listen to Tracey on A Vietnam Podcast here and read more details about the episode in our blog post about Tracey Nguyen Mang.

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