Susan Li – The busiest woman in Saigon

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Susan Li – The busiest woman in Saigon | S1 Ep 8

A Vietnam Podcast

You may have seen Susan Li around town or posting on Fexpats. She is one of of Fexpats original founders and she’s been really busy the last 6 years in Saigon!

We cover a lot in this episode from the founding of FexpatsRAD7 and Honey Badger Events to online trolls, dating in Saigon and opening a new bar, The Wreck, with Matt Ryan.

Originally born and raised in Vancouver, Canada, Susan decided to move abroad to Saigon and has tapped into her entrepreneurial spirit.

She also organises weekly wine nights and monthly Network Girl events. When you see her feel free to say hi as she loves meeting new people. 

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