Should You Visit Vietnam?

At the end of every episode of A Vietnam Podcast I ask my guests the same set of questions. 

Hear every guests answers to each question in these bonus compilation episodes. 

Vietnam is a friendly and safe place to travel. But it has it’s benefits AND challenges. Hear their thoughts on why you should, or why you shouldn’t, visit Vietnam!

Should I go to Vietnam? Transcript

Anii: My name is Annie Today I’ve got someone really special a podcaster a teacher a journalism graduate Connor Kelly So Connor what is that one thing that would recommend to another person to come through

Conor Kelly: It’s a place where you can really discover what you’re capable of if you allow it to do so

Anii: That is very powerful. That is super powerful. I agree like Saigon is like, just to go on alone already.

It’s like a very vibrant city bunch of entrepreneurs, and I think the weather allows it to and the second question is what is the one thing that would tell your friends not to come to.

Conor Kelly: It’s not for everyone. So I’d say if you want to come here and forget all of your issues and bury them in whatever substance or whatever [00:01:00] method you want to dope, like really think really seriously think hard about doing so, because it’s not a good idea.

Mischa Smith: My name’s Misha Smith And I’m your guest host my guest today is Mr Kevin Lee Kevin what one reason would you use to persuade someone to come to Vietnam

Kevin Lee: energy There’s a lot of youthful energy in Vietnam Yeah

Mischa Smith: Yeah Yeah So that’s it’s funny like you know people who’ve never been here and also people like Vietnamese people who are meeting I get asked a lot like why Vietnam Like what is it about Vietnam and energy is the word that like it’s like I can’t really put a finger on it Yeah But the energy like being in Saigon like the first time I came here on vacation I just had this fucking goofy grid on my face for the full two weeks And like you couldn’t it’s a buzz Slap it off Yeah Right It’s a buzz Yeah Love

 What’s fun reason you would use to persuade someone not to come to Vietnam.

Kevin Lee: if you hate the traffic in Sagon don’t come to Sagon. [00:02:00] Yeah. Okay. Yeah, because the traffic can get a bit much, especially if you’re rushing to work in the morning.

Fair. Yeah.

Mischa Smith: it

Micka Chu: my name is mikachu today I interview my dear friend Dennis STR Hi Micah June Dennis what one reason would you use to persuade someone to come to Vietnam

Denise Truong: Come to Vietnam If you want to find Explore and reinvent yourself

Niall Mackay: My name’s Niall Mackay and I’m your host

Niall: My guest today is a fellow comedian

Micka Chu: what one reason would you use to persuade someone? Not to come to Vietnam?

Denise Truong: Don’t come if you just want to party.

Niall: Matt Tran All right Matt what one reason would you use to persuade someone to come to Vietnam

Matt Tran: food 100% the food and Just to come Yeah that would be the one thing I would say if you’re a foodie and you wanna really have an [00:03:00] experience with your palate come to Vietnam

Niall Mackay: My guest today is the CEO at OMG talent group make win

Niall: Uh what one reason would you use to persuade someone not to come to Vietnam?

Matt Tran: The heat and humidity? Yeah. If you’re very sensitive to sweating all day every day, cuz you get used to it out here. Yeah. It’s it’s the one thing where you’re, you know, it’s just part of your day, right? Or like the constant rain.

It’s just part of your day. So if you can’t get past that,

don’t come.

Niall Mackay: So make What one reason would you use to persuade someone to come to Vietnam One reason

Myke Nguyen: opportunity

Niall Mackay: All right That’s a good one Yeah We talked about that a lot for sure

Myke Nguyen: Yeah definitely

Niall Mackay: my guest today a sex love and relationship coach is Um, what one reason would you use to persuade someone not to come to Vietnam?

Myke Nguyen: If you have children, education is very expensive. Yeah. Yeah. So you have to think about that.

Niall Mackay: Lina [00:04:00] alone Selena what one reason would you use to persuade someone to come to Vietnam

Selena Luong: Good food and good

Niall Mackay: So my guest today is Tam Nguyen Tam what

What one reason would you use to persuade someone not to come to Vietnam?

Selena Luong: Jesus, this is a very hard one. Uh, not to come to Vietnam. my response is that maybe because it’s too hot, you cannot stand it. Yeah. It’s really hot

Niall Mackay: one reason would you use to persuade somebody to come to Vietnam

Tam Nguyen: Since we’ve been talking about art come to Vietnam and observe what we are going to be

Niall Mackay: my guest today he’s an American he’s from Washington DC who served in the air force

 What one reason would you persuade someone not to come to vietnam?

Tam Nguyen: Well, I mean, in the meantime, you might have suffer from the traffic, but you can survive and see how [00:05:00] Niall. Surviving and thriving.

Niall Mackay: Do you know when I came here it’s I mean, is it’s, it’s the number one thing people talk about and it is crazy, especially in Saigon, the amount of Bikes and I SW I would never get on a, a boat myself. I would never drive myself. I was like, I’m just gonna get taxis everywhere.

They’re cheaper here. It’s fine. We’re going everywhere by taxi, but I mean, they’re cheaper, but not cheaper enough that you. Get a taxi and it’s not convenient all the time. I think it took me three months to get on a bike. Now. It’s, crazy how much sense it makes once you get into it, it’s just like flowing water.

You just drive. But recently I noticed I was being a bit hectic cuz I was running about from place to place. and I was driving too quickly. I nearly got a few accidents and a few things. I was like, oh, I was always in my head blaming the other person. And then I was like, Niall, you’re driving too fast. You need to slow down.

That’s the part of Vietnam as well. Everyone, you just drive slowly and there are accidents. And the rate, the death rates here are really high. It’s not completely [00:06:00] safe, but the amount of accidents you see for the craziness are quite low. I, I think anyway for the, the volume of traffic, so I’ve started to slow right down now just it’s much more relaxing.

Tam Nguyen: that’s good. I mean, I have nothing to add because I don’t drive. Oh my

Niall Mackay: goodness. You don’t drive. No. Are you Vietnamese?

Tam Nguyen: That’s exactly the question. .

Niall Mackay: Have you ever

Tam Nguyen: driven? Yes. So, I think basically I can drive when there are not that many people. and again, that’s the question of whether you are driving too fast or too slow because always other people from behind you trying to overrun and it’s very.

Stressful for me.

Niall Mackay: No, I know some people that have just chosen not to drive, cause yeah, it is very stressful. shout out to my aunt, Christina, if she’s listening, she’s probably not, but if you’re listening custody, she was visiting here in Vietnam pre COVID couple [00:07:00] years ago. And she was on the back of my bike.

We were in D four. And, you know, I just pulled out as you normally would. She screamed so loudly. She nearly bust my eardrums and she grabbed my ribs. So sore. I think I had bruises the next day from her being so terrified by like, it’s so scary. Cause I just pulled out. There’s a car coming towards you, but you’re used to there’s no problem.

Yeah, the car’s coming. I’m gonna go around it. No worries. you are not from here and you’ve just landed and someone puts you on the back of their bike and pulls into traffic. Four by four coming towards you. You’re gonna scream. But anyway, she loved it in the end. She loved it in stay.

 For 10 years mark keys Ryan So Ryan what one reason would you use to

persuade someone to come to Vietnam

Makiez Ryan: it’s about I think this is the best place to pursue your hobbies Like out of any place I’ve never actually I realized that when I lived in America and Europe and Africa and military I never pursued my hobbies since I left high school you know like having that time to [00:08:00] really look at yourself and like what used to make me happy And is it music Is it this is it That is it that and then you just start really getting good at it And you really have a lot of time to cultivate skills and you can use those skills to leave Vietnam and become worthwhile to someone

Niall Mackay: what one reason would you persuade someone not to come to Vietnam?

Makiez Ryan: not to come to Vietnam. I, I gotta say like the sex paths, those guys are the worst absolute worst. You think that shouldn’t come to Vietnam? Just cause those sex paths. Yeah. Oh, well, I mean a lot of people see like, oh yeah, you know, I can go.

I mean, you can find a wife here that is great. And they they’re really nice, comfortable people and good, but you shouldn’t come here with the expectation that they’re all a monolith and they’re all the same. They’re all completely different. You’re gonna get, you know, you can’t just come here just thinking that, you know, you need to find, if you’re looking for that, you should like look within yourself and figure out like, what am I lacking to push.

Paul Villanova: [00:09:00] I am Paul Villanova. my guest. Is a professional basketball player, national team, captain business, owner, and entrepreneur Justin Young.

Okay, Justin Why would you persuade someone to not come to Vietnam?

Justin Young: I don’t, I don’t know. It’s nothing, nothing that can say bad about Vietnam.

Paul Villanova: I would think there’s certain people don’t have an open mind or not open minded enough to be able to deal with certain things in Vietnam.

Justin Young: Yeah. I guess so. something that I don’t like, I guess the easy way to go is something I still can’t comprehend out here is there’s no personal space.

They don’t, they don’t respect your personal space out here. So you’re waiting in line. They would be literally. on your back, just breathing down your neck stuff like that. What else? Traffic I’ve gotten to like, actually trying to enjoy, but for, for people coming in yet, the traffic would be pretty bad.

There’s no laws out here, traffic. Well so that’s something that, you know, if you were to come here, just be worried about, I guess.