Sexy Meat Talks – Podcast Crossover

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Sexy Meat Talks – Podcast Crossover | S1 Ep 10

A Vietnam Podcast

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This is an extra-special Seven Million Bikes; our first ever crossover episode with fellow Saigon-based podcast, Sexy Meat Talks. A massive thank you to Sexy Meat Talk hosts, Joshua Durkin and Mark Gustafson, for being so open and enthusiastic to this collaboration.

Mark, from the Chicago area in the U.S., is a Brew Master, Pit Master, and enthusiast of all things Meat! In addition, he is co-founder and co-owner of Quan Ut Ut American BBQ and BiaCraft – Artisan Ales.

Josh, is a self-confessed damaged American perpetually creating a guide to living and teaching abroad in Vietnam. He also is an enthusiast of all things meat!

We talk about our shared love of beer and experiences of living in Saigon, how they met (and finish each others sentences) and came to create Sexy Meat Talks.

This is only Part 1 of this special crossover episode. To listen to Part 2 head over to Sexy Meat Talks to listen on their Website.

And don’t forget to like their Facebook too.

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