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1 - Living In Vietnam While Battling Anxiety, Depression and Feeling Suicidal 

Guest, Conor Kelly is a podcaster, teacher and journalism graduate. Anii Hoang is the host of this episode while Niall takes a break from hosting Season 9.

2 - Executive Producer & Photographer at The CAKE Collective Talks Beer And Balut

Guest, Kevin Lee is the Founder, Executive Producer and Photographer at The CAKE Collective. Singaporean, he has been living in Vietnam for the past 7 years or so.

3 - Being Born Asian In France, Self Care, Self Development and Overcoming Challenges

A Vietnam Podcast

Born in France, Denise Truong is the CEO of TYDE consulting and co-representative of Trash Hero Ho Chi Minh City. She conducts training programs of leadership, communication and management skills.

4 - Captain of Vietnamese Basketball Team Shares His Journey

Justin Young was born in America of Vietnamese parents. He never dreamed he would one day captain the country of his parent’s birth country.

5 - Joking About Serious Things - Escaping Vietnam

Hailing from Los Angeles, CA with a look that can best be described as “ambiguously Southeast Asian”, Matt Tran is a fresh faced comedian in the Saigon scene.

A Vietnam Podcast

Myke Nguyen is the CEO at OMG Talent Group. He has been operating businesses in Vietnam for nearly 30 years, previously the media director at Saatchi & Saatchi. He’s an owner and partner of several local companies.

7 - Sex Coach From A Religious, Conservative Upbringing

Selena Luong is a Gen Z Saigonese – raised in a conservative and religious family without a proper sex education.  It is now her mission to become a sex, love, and relationship coach.

8 - The Evolution of Art in Vietnam From An Art Curator

Tâm Nguyễn has a double degree in two very different subjects, business administration, and fine arts. As an art curator she is the first and still only person host Niall has ever met in Vietnam who has this job.

Slawpi Đô, his pseudonym, shares why he is dedicated to learning Vietnamese. why he wants to be on Vietnamese TV, and talks about his military background, trying to start a business in Vietnam and learning to enjoy being unproductive.

PodPast S2 E7 | Calvin Bui - Best Ever Food Review & FKN Deliciousness Host Remastered

A California native born of parents who escaped the fall out of the Vietnam war, Calvin has lived in Saigon for 10 years now and gone from a Wall Street Banker to owning and running successful restaurants in Saigon. Most notable for his fusion of Korean and Mexican food.

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