An Escape From Hell On The Last Boat Out Of Saigon On April 30th 1975

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Episode 9 – Zoonie Nguyen

Zoonie Nguyen grew up on Nguyễn Thông street in Sài gòn and left on the last day possible – on April 30th 1975. At only 8 years old, her family escaped and went through an exodus from hell on the last boat with 4000 people. 

This was a traumatic journey, but by a ‘miracle’ and they made it to a refugee camp and after many months the family started a new chapter of their life in Canada. In 1995 Zoonie decided to go back to visit Sài gòn, a trip that completely transformed and turned her life around.

She is now known as a public speaker, coach & mentor for women entrepreneurs launching and growing their business. She is currently making a documentary called ‘How She Dares’.

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