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The opening guest of Season 7 is Brian Letwin, a New Yorker in Saigon since 2010. Brian is the co-founder and CEO of the Urbanist Network which includes Saigoneer, Urbanist Vietnam and Urbanist Hanoi.

Thuyen Vo is the founder of Easy English Vietnam and Easy Vietnamese and a host on Best Ever Food Review Show. With a passion for education she is using her skills  to make this happen.

Only the second ever Live episode of A Vietnam Podcast!

Niall is joined by business consultant Martial Ganière, from Switzerland.

This episode’s guest, Tracey Nguyen Mang, is the founder and creator of the Vietnamese Boat People podcast, an award winning podcast which shares the stories of the Vietnamese diaspora

In Part 2 Tracey shares about the Conversation Starter Kit they’ve developed to help children of Vietnamese Boat People break down barriers and get their family to comfortable open up about their painful past.

6 - Parading Around Saigon In Ladies Pyjamas With A Pet Chicken Leads to YouTube Fame

Phúc Mập vlog A Vietnam Podcast Episode

Brandon Hurley, known as Phúc Mập is a popular YouTube Content Creator in Vietnam, going viral before he’d even published his first video after parading around Saigon in ladies pajamas and a “pet” chicken.

Hayden Lowry is a married father of two and has lived in Vietnam for a total of 14 years. He currently runs Caribê Jamaican Patties, is a freelance video post-production specialist, and the admin for the “Black in Saigon” Facebook group.

Jovel Chan is a food marketer, writer and industry speaker who has a decade of working, living and eating across Europe, Asia and the Middle East, and has managed more than 50 restaurants in 10 countries in Head of Marketing roles.

She grew up on Nguyễn Thông street in Sài gòn and left on the last day possible – April 30th 1975. At 8 only 8 years old she escaped and went through an exodus from hell on the last boat with 4,000 people.

As a baby she was found on the street and placed in an orphanage then adopted by a British family. She returned to Vietnam for the first time in 2006, sold all of her possessions and opened Allambie orphanage.

We host a networking event for creatives and creators looking to meet like-minded people. 

Our second event was hosted by Conor Kelly, who is the founder and host of The ComebaCK Podcast.

Dr Leigh Jones has lived in Vietnam since 2017 and Singapore before that since 2010.

She is a prominent vaccine advocate in the Saigon community and has a PhD in Immunology with years of experience in researching infectious disease.

Bonus Episodes

This is an extra special PodSwap with Creators In Vietnam. I was lucky enough to be a guest recently and finally meet their hosts in person, Tue-Si and Moni.

We’re going to give you some more bonus content, I’m sharing with you an episode that I recently recorded with Kerry Newsome on her podcast What about Vietnam.

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