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5 Amazing Saigon Coffee Shops for Delivery

Can't go out to your favourite coffee shop? We share with you some of the best places in Saigon to get your caffeine fix delivered!

By Niall Mackay


Coffee at 10pm? No problem in Saigon

I could extol the virtues of coffee in Vietnam endlessly after 5 years of drinking it daily.

In a city as frenetic as Saigon, it is no surprise that everyone is hopped up on caffeine day and night. Even after all this time living here I still marvel at the sight of coffee shops packed with people at 10 pm!

Coffee is ingrained into the Vietnamese culture, look in any direction almost anywhere in Vietnam and it feels like you’ll see someone selling or drinking coffee. Drive through Dak Lak and you will see coffee beans everywhere by the side of the road. For a caffeine addict like myself, it is heaven!

I talk with Sahra Nguyen of Brooklyn-based Nguyen Coffee Supply on an upcoming episode of A Vietnam Podcast in much more detail. Make sure you check it out!

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My first cà phê sữa đá

Like many people, I fell in love with cà phê sữa đá almost as soon as I arrived in Vietnam. Soon learning to ask ít sữa (less milk) which, for me, gives the perfect balance of bitter and sweet. And maybe, slightly lessens the chances of getting diabetes. But for cà phê sữa đá it is worth the risk!

As Vietnam has developed quickly over the past few years coffee drinking habits have visibly changed. It is now normal to see pop-up coffee stalls on the street complete with an espresso machine. Despite Starbucks struggles the less popular arabica beans and espresso machines are here to stay with Australia’s Gloria Jeans recently rebranding and re-entering the market in May this year after quitting in 2017. This despite their compatriots The Coffee Club opening in Vietnam in 2018.

Seven Million Bikes Blog
Homemade cà phê sữa đá

Alongside the famous and still popular rocket fuel that is robusta cà phê, new espresso-based coffee shops are opening at an unbelievable rate. With no drop in demand. Since amazing cà phê can be found on nearly every street corner we’ve mostly focused on espresso-based delivery cafes. 

While the following list of coffee shops is by no means exhaustive, and in no particular order, here are 5 of our top picks to help you get your coffees delivered across Saigon.

None of these coffee shops pay to be featured and we receive nothing in return, but if you do use one because you read this post let them know Seven Million Bikes sent you!

1. The Old Lady's Drinkery

A South African themed coffee shop in Saigon isn’t probably something you would have ever expected or thought about before. But in this dynamic city, anything is possible! The Old Lady’s Drinkery is one of the newest coffee shops in the ever-growing Thao Dien food and beverage scene, proving that no matter how many new places open up if you do it right there will be a demand.

Owned by our friend Renier Saunders, he set out to bring the flavour of his home of South Africa to Saigon, instantly creating a new niche to the coffee scene. You can find not only distinctly South African desserts like Koeksisters and Milk Tert, but a caffeine-free tea-based Rooibos Cappuccino that I really like. And perfect if you can’t handle any more coffee that day.

You can now also find a range of South African treats that are more than likely unknown to anyone who doesn’t identify as a Springbok. But will excite you greatly if you are.

I can confirm the coffees are great – ask for the Adrie special (a regular-sized coffee with an extra shot). Renier’s spent a lot of time choosing the coffee blend and training the baristas to produce the coffees exactly to the quality he wants them.

During this lockdown period while they are closed to customers they are offering a delivery special of 50k a coffee. I would fully recommend taking advantage of this if you live in Thao Dien.

Open from: 8:00 AM – 08:00 PM (Tue – Sun) & 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM (Mon)

077 619 9065 or order on Direct below on Facebook Messenger

Interviewed on Now or Nhi at The Old Lady’s Drinkery

Another relatively new addition to the aforementioned growing Thao Dien coffee scene, they are again proof that if you do it right they will come.

We have been several times now for sit-in and delivery and the coffees are up there with the best we’ve had in Saigon, be it a Salted Caramel Latte, Cappuccino, or Coconut Coffee. 

The shop itself is self-described as ‘nice but not fancy’ and instantly reminds me of a Melbourne or Wellington coffee shop with white tiles behind the counter, baristas in aprons, comfortable chairs and best of all, a collection of vinyl records playing.

Once things are re-opened and if you are in Thao Dien it is worth a visit whether you want to do some work, meet a friend, or just relax and listen to some good music. 

You can order delivery directly, with the drinks I’ve mentioned already available in addition to various cold brews including a Cold brew Negroni I’m excited to try soon!

Delivery ☎️ 0918999065 or order directly below on Facebook Messenger.

3. The Melbourne Cafe

If anyone is familiar with the Melbourne coffee scene you’ll know that naming your coffee shop thus is setting the bar high. Very high. Thankfully The Melbourne Cafe lives up to its name.

Having lived in Melbourne for several years I can attest to the deserved coffee snobbery the inhabitants there rightly have. You have to seek out a bad cappuccino. If for some reason that’s what you wanted.

Alongside Vietnamese coffees, there are the quintessentially Aussie Flat Whites, Long Blacks with cappuccinos and lattes. As well as, the much-maligned by certain Millionaires (see here for what I’m talking about), smashed avocado on toast and Aussie pies.

Free delivery to D1, D3, D4, D5, D10, D11, Phu Nhuan and Binh Thanh District

 0931 218 175 or order directly below on Facebook Messenger

Being based in Thao Dien I don’t order delivery coffee from D7. So I asked the Seven Million Army for their recommendations and Cafe Chị Thảo was heavily recommended by Chelsea Gallagher. And from looking at their pictures on Facebook we can see why! Chelsea gets the coconut coffee delivered and next time I’m in D7 post-lockdown I’m stopping by to try one. 

Despite being in Phu My Hung the aesthetic is truly Vietnamese and Cafe Chị Thảo is a place you can relax away from the bustle of the streets, and maybe sneak in a few Insta pictures to pretend that you are in Hoi An instead of in Saigon.

☎️ Delivery: 028 54 10 66 55

5. Café Slow

Our final cafe is also a recommendation from the Seven Million Army’s Tuan Le, and future guest of A Vietnam Podcast, “A great Latte with a real french croissant”.

Being centrally located in D3 they offer free delivery within District 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Phu Nhuan and Binh Thanh area.

This is another cafe I’ll be visiting once it is safe to mingle again. They look like they take their coffee seriously! From reading the glowing reviews it is hard to find, but well worth it when you do. They also have a delicious-looking range of pastries to go with your coffee. 

Opening hours:

  • From Tuesday to Sunday: 7 am – 7 pm
  • Monday: closed


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