Phúc Mập Vlog Finds YouTube Fame

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Parading Around Saigon In Ladies Pyjamas With A Pet Chicken Leads Phúc Mập to YouTube Fame

By Seven Million Bikes

Edited by Chelsea Gallagher​

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This episode’s guest is another foreigner fluent in Vietnamese who was put forward to us by similarly fluent Nam Den from Season 5, and works with both him and Season 6 guest Micka Chu regularly, including on VTV.

Brandon Hurley, known as Phúc Mập is a popular YouTube Content Creator in Vietnam, going viral before he’d even published his first video after parading around Saigon in ladies pyjamas and a “pet” chicken.

Phúc Mập tread a similar path to host Niall, and many other expats, in that after travelling around Asia fell in love with Vietnam and never left.

While there are a lot of expats who have found themselves in Vietnam for many years and still can’t speak the language, some even with a Vietnamese wife, Phuc Map was motivated to speak the local language to communicate with his wife’s family.

Becoming fairly fluent in Vietnamese and someone who is obviously a born entertainer it is understandable why his YouTube channel is so popular with Vietnamese. Not only does his personality stand out but he’s instantly recognisable with his distinguishable bright red, bushy beard.

“I don’t want to get too cocky though, my Vietnamese can always get better. There’s levels to everything whether it’s fame or your language ability.”

He remains humble, realising that while his biggest video has an impressive 400,000 views other people get more than that every day. This is also not his first successful YouTube channel. When he was a bartender in Florida recorded two people having a crazy fight outside that went viral. This led to a channel about girls with dirty feet! You have to listen to the episode to hear this story.

If you haven’t already make sure you check out Phúc Mập Vlog on YouTube!


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