Swiss Viet Kieu Exploring her Vietnamese Roots

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Nhi Mai; Swiss Viet Kieu Exploring her Vietnamese Roots | S5 E9

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A Vietnam Podcast

Nhi is a Swiss born and raised Viet Kieu who decided to move to Saigon 2 years ago. Growing up with two completely different cultures, it was not always easy for her to define her identity.

Living in Vietnam allowed her to understand and discover more about her roots and gave her another perspective of her motherland.

While she is experiencing this new and exciting chapter on the other side of the world, she decided to create a YouTube channel about it, called Now Or Nhi. This lifestyle channel is an outlet for her to give insight into her life as a Viet Kieu / Expat in Saigon.

She uploads vlogs and multilingual interviews about her favorite topics: culture, travel, food and fashion.

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