Afro Viet TV Creator, Musician & Actor

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Nam Đen; Afro Viet TV Creator, Musician & Actor

A Vietnam Podcast

Mr Nam Đen as he is affectionately know in Vietnam, or Nadis as he is know in his home country of Nigeria, is the creator of Afro Viet TV, a massively popular You Tube channel.

Through comedy, food, music and travel his channel explores the beauty of African and Asian cultures.

After first coming to Vietnam in 2008 he has now lived here for 10 years and is one of those rare things… an expat who can speak fluent Vietnamese. Sick of communicating through hand gestures and wanting to understand the culture he was living in better Mr Nam Đen took Vietnamese lessons and without fear of making mistakes he threw himself into learning Vietnamese.

As a trained actor, with a strong comedic sense and master of the local language, what started as a hobby in 2018 has grown into a channel with over 66,000 Subscribers and a devoted fanbase.

You can follow Mr Nam Đen on any of his channels here;

Afro Viet TV YouTube




Tik Tok

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