Pasteur Street Brewing Company Sales Director

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Mischa Smith – Pasteur Street Brewing Company Sales Director | S1 Ep 3

A Vietnam Podcast

Mischa Smith, from Canada, is a regular sight around Saigon in the craft beer scene as the Sales Director for Pasteur Street Brewing Company. 

Mischa started in the craft beer industry in Toronto, Ontario before he packed up and moved to South Korea to teach English for a year that turned into four years and five months. 

After a visit to Saigon he fell in love with the city, left Korea and has now been here for 6 years, seeing massive changes in Saigon in a relatively short time.

Mischa shares how he went from drinking beers to pouring them for free to selling Pasteur Beer nationally and internationally and his tips for eating, drinking and living in Saigon.

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