Việt Kiều Texan, Splicing Mexican and Vietnamese Foods

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A Vietnam Podcast

A Vietnam Podcast

Lê Minh Tâm S1 E9

Tâm was the first listener-suggested guest, thanks to regular listener, Brandon Coleman. Tâm was an entertaining and interesting guest who shared in-depth story with many insights to share about life in Saigon. Evidenced by the fact this is the third most listened to episode of A Vietnam Podcast.

Born in Texas to Vietnamese refugees, Tâm moved to Saigon after a stint in Singapore. She has now returned to her hometown Houston.

In Saigon she worked at an international branding agency but soon started creating Vietnamese-Mexican dishes and hosting dinners out of her apartment, creating a closed-door restaurant named Saigonita

Soon Saigonita appeared in Vice Munchies and was profiled in Saigoneer so she decided to quit her corporate career to pursue her passion in food. Since then, she’s been interviewed by publications in Vietnam, Singapore, the US, Italy, France; and has given a TEDx Talk

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