A Vietnam Podcast | Lewis Wright – Music Producer

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Lewis Wright – Music Producer | S1 Ep 6

A Vietnam Podcast

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Lewis Wright is a talented music producer from the UK who now lives in Saigon, working for InQ International producing kids songs for a Vietnamese audience and Vietnamese artists for an international audience. He even composed the popular theme music for Seven Million Bikes.

Lewis is originally from the UK and has lived in Vietnam for just over a year, having visited and lived on and off in previous years. He started out as an English teacher but with a degree in Music from the University of Huddersfield he quickly became involved in the local music scene. It wasn’t long before he began doing music production work and now works full time as a music producer.

This is one of the most entertaining interviews I’ve had, and when you hear about the rhubarb you’ll know why!

He is now married to Kim Nguyen, our guest from Episode 2, and plans to make Saigon their home. 

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