A Journey in Many Ways – Kelso Dowling

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Kelso Dowling; Breaking Down Social Constructs Around Gender, Consent And Monogamy

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A Vietnam Podcast

Kelso, one of the newest comics in the burgeoning Saigon comedy scene, moved to Vietnam after a trip around Southeast Asia, and, having spent much of their formative years bouncing around the States and beyond on the “military brat” circuit,  Kelso once again uprooted themself and settled in Hanoi. 

They recently made the move from Hanoi, but don’t bother asking which is better – “they’re just different.” After only 18 months of doing stand-up comedy, Kelso has honed their style to approach weighty topics with an air of breezy honesty and self-awareness.  

On stage, Kelso can be seen breaking down social constructs around gender, consent and monogamy, skillfully navigating that territory from behind the mic.  Sobriety has also found a place in their life and, naturally, their set – and they’ve perhaps found it a bit easier to grapple with onstage than in the minefield of dating. “I never realized how much I relied on alcohol to flirt.”

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