JK Hobson – Life In A Thrash Metal and Life In Saigon

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JK Hobson – Life In A Thrash Metal and Life In Saigon

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My first guest on Seven Million Bikes is JK Hobson. As a finalist in the 2018 Vietnam Comedy Competition JK is known by many in Saigon as a stand-up, but is a man of many talents. We had so much to talk about I’ve split this first episode into two parts.

Growing up in New York, JK moved to LA with his “fairly well known” thrash-metal band, Crisis. After Crisis split and he returned to University, JK initially came to Vietnam on a study abroad program in 2015, returning in 2016 on a Fulbright Scholarship. He went on to co-found Saigon Funny People, regularly hosting open mic nights and performing stand-up comedy. JK now writes for City Pass Guide, Saigoneer and TaleCity, has appeared on Vietnamese TV AND teaches English. The main questions I’ll be asking JK is ‘What do you not do? And where do you find the time?’

We had so much to talk about I’ve split this episode into two parts!

Part 1

First of all we talk about what it was like growing up in New York and how lucky we both feel to be of a generation that didn’t have their lives pictured, recorded and shared for the world to see. 

JK shares stories from his days with Crisis and life with a touring band that then moved from New York to LA. We also get into race relations in America, especially under Donald Trump, and how that influenced JK’s decision to stay in Vietnam.


Part 2

Moving forward to 2015 when JK first came to Vietnam we talk about his life here, speaking Vietnamese and why he loves it here.

Where to get the Bò kho JK talked about.

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