Drag King & Performer Contributing to the Creative Community

In Episode 1 Niall talks to Ilse Zoerb. They instantly click and are both super goofy, joking about her name, accent and even Niall’s dead grandmother. They even find an embarrassing  mutual appreciation for the TLC channel. Check out her favourite TLC show here

Ilse helped her parents move to Vietnam at the end of 2016 while Trump was taking office. She got caught in the Saigon vortex and is grateful for it.

Ilse is a creator of things, having studied Movement in her native US. After moving to Saigon she tried out stand up comedy before exploring Drag as the character Colonel Hai Minh, performing in several shows and helping to found Lang Thang Creative Space

Instead of talking about the arts scene in Saigon that they are both a part of, for some unknown reason Niall and Ilse get very excited to talk about urban planning in Saigon and the improved road network! It’s a way more interesting conversation than it sounds!

Season 6 is Sponsored by Eddie’s – New York Deli and Diner.

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