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Greg Lea – Digital Nomad & Football Journalist | S1 Ep 5

A Vietnam Podcast

Greg has what would be for many a dream job – a freelance football journalist. After moving to Saigon in January Greg planned to stay for only three months, but now going to be staying for the foreseeable future. He was recently featured in The Guardian writing about digital nomads which Greg is currently debating whether that label applies to him.

As both avid football fans Greg and I had so much to talk about I’ve split this episode into two; the main episode on his life as a digital nomad and a BONUS episode with us talking about football, the influence of Asia on the English Premier League and why I became disillusioned with football because of the bigotry and sectarianism in Scotland. There are some interesting stories but if you’re not into football this may not be of interest to you so I separated it from the main pod.

In the main episode Greg shares how he came to live in Saigon after he started in Italy as a football journalist, and important advice and tips for anyone thinking about being a digital nomad. He shares the realities of being a digital nomad, both the benefits and drawbacks. Greg also talks about life in Saigon and answers the usual questions I ask each guest.

In classic Saigon fashion, there is construction above us so at times you may hear some banging in this episode although Biscuit doesn’t make an appearance this time!

(And yes I called it Seven Million Podcasts near the end!)

Celtic v Dunfermline Scottish Cup Final I talked about. I got it wrong, Dunfermline scored after 40 minutes, not 26.

Check out the website Greg mentioned Nomad List

Here is Greg’s article from The Guardian; The world is my office: why I chose to become a digital nomad worker.

Follow Greg on Twitter @GregLeaFootball.

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