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Inspired by his comedic hero, Billy Connolly, Niall performs regularly in Vietnam, hosting comedy shows and performing across Saigon and Vietnam. Also performing in Scotland and New Zealand when traveling was a thing.

He also hosts the leading English-language podcast, A Vietnam Podcast.

He’ll make you laugh at being a Scotsman abroad, life in Vietnam and anything else in between.

Niall wins his audiences over with a charming presence and funny jokes and songs! He has a hilarious point of view as an expat and world traveler!

– JK Hobson

Hosted by Ankita Ghosh with support from Wanye Westt, this is one night of comedy you don’t want to miss.

Ankita Ghosh

Like many things in her life, Ankita is a work in progress comic. She hails from Kolkata, India, where she learned to ask uncomfortable questions about everything. At her day job in advertising she tries to sell stuff, and as a comic at night she tries to hurl insults at those who buy, but in a funny way. Or not. You’ll find out

Support From

Wanye Westt

Gaining inspiration from Flight of the Conchords, Axis of Awesome and Tri-Pod, Wanye Westt combines music and comedy together, covering a range of topics including his love for Maccas, losing his virginity and getting down and dirty with your mother.

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Many people struggle to find English entertainment in Vietnam. Seven Million Bikes hosts the popular show A Vietnam Podcast, stand-up comedy and fun events. Have fun, connect with others and share experiences of Vietnam.